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What Vape Should You Buy To Quit Smoking?


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Thinking of buying a new vape device to help you quit smoking? You would be right to do so. Studies show that vaping is much less harmful to your health than smoking is. Making the switch allows you to still get your nicotine dose but to get it in a safer, healthier way. So what vape should you buy to help you quit smoking? This article explains all.

Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Vaping has proven to be better than other forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy . When it comes to vaping vs smoking , vaping is far less harmful. In fact, the UK government have used it in trials to help smoking cessation in as many as 1 million recipients .

With all this in mind, buying a vape could be exactly the right step for you to take, should you wish to quit nicotine dependence. Once you switch from cigarettes to vape devices and e-liquids, you will have better control over lowering your nicotine dose over time.

Lastly, research shows that vape device users with good advice on e-liquid flavours have the best chances of quitting using a vape. You can find more information on how to choose the best e-liquid for you in our previous article.


Which Vape to Quit Smoking with?

Overall, you should seek out a vape device which uses an MTL (mouth to lung) vaping style. Especially when trying to quit smoking.

This means that you hold the vapour in your mouth in the same way as you hold cigarette smoke, before then breathing it into the lungs. Vape device descriptions generally have a note of whether the device uses MTL or another style.

Below, we have given details of vape devices available in 2024 which suit this description. Try these devices for the best chance to quit smoking using a vape and make sure you read through our previous advice on choosing e-liquids.

Which Vape to Quit Smoking with

MTL Vapes Suitable for Quitters

The VooPoo Drag S2

This pod vape kit remains a favourite for ex-smokers everywhere. Why? Simple. It starts off as an MTL vape device. Later, when you successfully quit smoking, you can change out the coil for a sub ohm and use the device for DTL vaping too – which is what experienced vape device users tend to do.

This is a device that will grow with you. It saves you from spending money on a beginner device and then a more experienced device later on. Everyone likes to save a bit of cash.

The Vaporesso Gen Air 40

A similar device from a different brand, the Vaporesso model comes with the same dual MTL/DTL ability. It is capable of sub ohm vaping but eases you into the world of vape use gradually. This is a great device for newbies because it has that easy refill system. Clip your pre-filled pods into the pen and off you go.


The OXVA is reasonably new to the market and comes with 1000mAh battery power. IT is a single unit, battery built-in, and uses the standard top fill method. It is an MTL pod device, making it the perfect strength, make, and model for those looking to quit smoking. It’s also on the cheaper vape device scale, making it ideal for those on a budget.

Try these three suggestions today and see how much easier it is to quit cigarettes for good.