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Elevate Your Vape Game and Vape Like a Pro

Want to be the trend setter in your group of friends? Vaping like a pro means leading the way with good practice and high standards.

Vaping like a pro isn’t about doing trick and making people laugh, it’s about having the confidence and knowledge about vaping that sets you apart from the others. When you want to impress someone, you should do it with your expertise, not with a loudmouth and stupidity. People should know they can come to you for advice on vaping. You might be a master of flavour profiles or be known for your discerning palate.

However you do it, vaping like a pro isn’t about who ahs the flashiest vape device or the biggest personality. Vaping like the experts is about knowing your devices and your juices, advising people fairly, and never mocking those that can’t afford the best of the best. We should elevate our friends, not lower their confidence by laughing at them.

Here are all the other ways you can make yourself the vaping expert in your group. Vape like a pro with these top tips.

How to Vape Like a Pro?

Want to vape like the best-of-the-best? Here are your top tips on becoming the expert on vaping in your group.

Know Your PG/VG Ratios

Not everyone is aware of this, but there are two main classes of vape juice. There are those made primarily from vegetable glycerine and those made from propylene glycol. You can get a much smoother inhale with less of a throat hit with High VG Liquids. On the other hand, the higher the PG in the liquid, the more likely it is to burn your throat. There are two main types of vape user and therefore we have different liquids. Let us explain.

A high VG liquid is smoother on the inhale. It works with sub ohm vaping to create that direct to lung vaping experience some of us prefer.

A high PG liquid, on the other hand, has a rougher time in your throat. It causes that feeling of slight burning that ex-smokers like. This feeling imitates the hit a smoker might get from a cigarette, and so they enjoy vaping for that hit.

Many big brands in vape juice have a 50:50 PG:VG ratio. A good example of a brand that suits sub ohm vaping is Double Drip coil sauces with their 30 PG: 70 VG ratio. Smokers should try the Ohmbrew set of e-liquids, since they have a 50:50 ratio. Generally, manufacturers don’t like adding too high a PG ratio because it is harsher on the throat. Too harsh and they scare away the clientele.

Invest in Premium E-liquids

It should go without saying, but the better the e-liquid you use, the better your vaping experience will be. Just as the world of food and drink has good and bad tastes, so too does your vape juice. Buying low quality e-liquids means they burn faster, thicker, and hit your throat harder. They may contain lesser quality ingredients and we do know that these can be harmful.

You can take a look at our vape juices if you need to shop online for quality e-liquids in the UK. Buying vape juices from us ensures that you have the best possible quality of product, without the risk of harmful ingredients. We sell big brand names in e-liquid, including Pukka Juice, Dinner Lady, and Doozy Vape. You could even discover one of our lesser known brands and make a name for yourself as a vape flavour trend setter.

Swap the Plastic for Glass Bottles Instead

Those true masters of vaping have their own tools to hand. Master vapers even go as far as blending their own mixtures of vape juice. When they do this, they need to buy their own bottles and pipettes to mix these blends with. We suggest that you switch out the plastic vape juice bottles in favour of long term glass bottles. These are recyclable, hard wearing, and make you look like a pro vaper. They are especially useful to those who want to buy vape juice in bulk. Buying in bulk can save you money and gives you access to larger volumes of juice. You can then divide it down into glass bottles to make it easier to carry around.

Change Your Coils

You have to change out your coils at least once every couple of months. We recommend that you change them every time you change to a new flavour or vape juice, but it is up to you. We appreciate not everyone can afford new coils for every flavour they use. However, the difference a clean coil makes to preserving the flavour profile is quite noticeable.

We have some top tips for changing your coils. Make sure that any new coil is primed before you try to burn it to avoid a dry hit. Be sure to change them at least every 6-8 weeks to preserve the integrity of your vape device.

We recommend that you keep each vape coil for one flavour at a time. To stop yourself constantly buying new coils, you can keep the coil which correlates to the vape juice you used with it. Keep the coil inside a plastic bag or container with the juice that it has burned. That way, you can use that coil again when you switch back to that flavour.

You can find your new replacement coils here. Otherwise, try using only one coil with each flavour. You might find it makes a huge difference to your vaping pleasure.

Clean Your Tank Regularly

Just like your mouthpiece, the tank on your vape device can become clogged up. This happens over time and through regular wear and tear. The different combinations of PG:VG liquids that we use in our vape devices can lead to clogging and blockages. The inside of the tank can become clogged up with oils or can taste just like the last vape juice you had in it when you add a fresh one.

We suggest washing your vape tank every time you decide to switch flavour. Remove it completely from your device, wash it out carefully using cotton wool, then leave it to dry upside down. Do not use it again until it is completely dry. Remember that your vape device is electrical and keep your battery away from water.

Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Vaper’s Tongue, or Vaper’s Fatigue, is a bit of a legend in the vaping community. It is a term we use to describe a taste-related ailment. If you have been vaping the same juice for a while, you begin to stop tasting it. You can even lose your sense of taste for similar flavours. It is caused by a few factors. You may have just switched to vaping from smoking, you may have a dirty atomiser or damaged taste buds. Either way, it is not a recognised medical condition yet, although it is a fable among vape users.

The condition tends to wear off over time. Switching vape juice may help to avoid it. Experienced vape users say the cure is to strip down and clean your vape device, then switch out to a different e-liquid. They say you shouldn’t use the same vape juice all the time or the flavour will start to ‘wear off’.

Perfect Your Inhalation Technique

Finally, we said earlier that being a pro vaper wasn’t about party tricks… but it never hurts to have a few up your sleeve, just in case. Perfect your inhalation technique by brushing up on your skills and performing one or two little eye-catching tricks. You will find our earlier blog on vape party tricks useful for teaching them.

Ready to Go Pro Vaper?

Think you have what it takes to lead the next generation of vape device users? We can power your rise to the top with vape pod devices, sub ohm devices, vape juices, and more. Shop online for vape products in the UK with Vape Direct for an excellent experience, every time.

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