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Understanding Vape Coils: All Your Coil Questions Answered - Vape Direct

Understanding Vape Coils: All Your Coil Questions Answered

New to vaping? We have all the information you need to ensure you get nothing but the smoothest experience.

One statutory piece of equipment that all vape devices have in common is the coil. The coil is the element which is heated, and sits within your tank, aromiser or clearomiser. The coil isn’t designed to last forever. Rather like the filament in a kettle, it will eventually burn away.

The coil is one of those pieces of your vaping kit that can be confusing to a beginner. It is the part that heats your e-liquid so you can enjoy your vapours. Here is everything you need to know about your coils, and about how to make them last as long as possible.

What is a Coil and What does it do?

Let’s start with the basics: what is your coil, what does it do, where is it located and what does it look like?

The coil is generally a metal encased filament so the only part of it you see is the outside. IT is a small, round shaped device that clips into the inside of your tank. The coil burns up the e-liquid so that it vaporises into steam and provides you with the flavour you crave.

Coils are a delicate piece of vaping technology and, if something is going to go wrong with your vape device, it is usually the coil. You should replace them when they start to taste funny. You should change the coil every time you change to a new vape liquid. Some people like to keep separate coils in zip lock bags to preserve the flavour used.

When changing between flavours of e-liquid, you ought to change and/or clean the coil. This is why some people keep multiple coils on hand, because they enjoy multiple flavours.

My Coils are Burning Too Quickly – What’s Gone Wrong?

You may not be priming your coils correctly. If the coil is not fully saturated in e-liquid it can lead to issues. If the coil burns dry too often, then it will taste burnt faster. You may wish to turn down the wattage or the temperature on your vape pen to stop the coil burning before the e-liquid reaches it. Similarly, some vape devices have a manufacturer’s recommended wattage and temperature. Going outside of these invites problems.

What’s a Flooded Coil?

A flooded coil has been overly saturated with a vaping liquid. If you overload the volume of liquid in your tank, you shortly find that your coil is over saturated and won’t light. A coil that is too damp to heat up, won’t let you vape properly. You might find that flecks of e-liquid make it into the mouthpiece and make for an unpleasant vaping experience.

How do you flood your coil?

Flooded coils are a common problem usually caused by overfilling your tank. Make sure you follow the instructions on your vape device for filling and stay within the marks for minimum and maximum amounts. You can also flood your coil by having the temperature and wattage turned down too low. This is yet another reason why you should follow the manufacturers instructions as written on the side of your device.

Do you have to Prime your Coils?

Not all devices require you to prime your coils but some will. The act of priming a coil refers to exposing it to enough e-liquid that it reaches the saturation point needed to burn without burning dry. Priming coils is a task only performed on new coils or on new devices. There are two ways to prime your coils. You may wish to drip e-liquid onto the coil when you remove it from the device before you insert the new one.

Alternatively, you can drip e-liquid directly onto the coil while it is in the tank. Doing this saves mess and avoids nicotine on the fingers, which is a difficult taste to get rid of. Be wary of over-priming since this could flood your coil. However, experienced vapers often do this to stop the coil burning dry that first time they use it.

Don’t forget that we have an unlimited range of vape liquids for you to try on our website.

Do all coils fit on every vaping device?

No, they don’t. You must be very careful with your vaping device. When you buy your kit, it will come with everything you need to begin vaping. When parts of it start to wear out, you can replace them through the Vape Direct online shop. Simply search for the coil you need mentioning the make and model of your vaping device. Since the coils are not interchangeable, doing this ensures you get the right coil for the job.

If you need extra help regarding selecting your coils, you can pop into our store and talk to one of our advisors. You will find a Vape Direct store in Milton Keynes and in Stacey Bushes. Either store is full of replacement parts for popular models, coils included.

My coil tastes burnt – why?

We covered this frequently asked coil question in another article. If your coil tastes burnt, it could be because there is too much liquid in your tank. Another reason could be that you need to replace the coil, or that the temperature is too high on your device. A temperature or wattage that is too high will vaporise the vape juice before you get a chance to inhale it, leaving the coil tasting like it is burned.

If you try replacing your coil and it still tastes burned, then you may need to swap down to a less strong device. It could be you are simply incinerating your e-liquid before it gets to your lungs.

Where to Buy New Coils for My Vape Device

Last but by no means least, you can shop for a new vaping device coil right here on the Vape Direct website. Don’t forget to buy a spare just in case your existing one burns out one day. No body wants to be left high and dry when it comes to nicotine.


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