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Is It Worth Buying Bulk E-Liquid?

There is a new craze among vape device users. They have begun buying e-liquids in bulk. The theorem behind bulk buying your e-liquid is that it could save you money. Users believe that it also ensures you have a steady supply of vape juice and won't run out.

In this article, Vape Direct will investigate whether bulk buying your e-liquids is a viable plan to save money.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can buy high quality vape juices in bulk
  • UK government regulates sizes of e-liquid bottles
  • Vaping trusted e-liquids is safer than cigarettes or homemade liquids
  • Bulk buying give access to larger nicotine-free long fill bottles
  • The only con of bulk buying is a larger upfront investment

The UK Government Regulates the Size of E-liquid Bottles

Bulk buying your e-liquids seems like an innovative way to make savings. Frequent vape users can burn through high volumes of vape juice. Since the UK government regulates the size of vape juice bottles, buying in bulk is the only other feasible way to save on those liquids.

The UK government began regulating e-cigarettes back in 2014. On the 19th of May 2014, the European Union Tobacco Products Directive[i] came into being. This directive covered the distribution and sale of tobacco products but included regulatory controls on the use of electronic cigarettes.

The UK government followed the European Union into tobacco product regulation for electronic cigarettes in 2016. They set out their own guidelines on the sale and use of vape devices as part of the UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations of 2016. These regulations included the limitations placed on e-liquids. The limitations are as follows:

  • E-liquid bottles containing nicotine would be limited to 10 ml
  • Vape juice bottles which do not contain nicotine maybe larger
  • Nicotine strengths in vape juice bottles should not exceed 20 mg total
  • E-cigarette tanks on vape devices must be no larger than 2 ml in capacity
  • Requires e-cigarette suppliers to notify the MHRA before they begin selling.

It is due to this regulation of vape juice bottles that we know use short and long fill bottles in conjunction with nicotine shots. This allows users to enjoy the most popular e-liquids right now, adjusting the nicotine strength to suit them.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Vape Juice in Bulk

We broke the argument down into a simple pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • Costs less over time
  • You always have product to hand
  • You can stock up on favoured flavours
  • You can avoid the impact of discontinued e-liquids
  • Peace of mind

The Cons:

  • Larger upfront investment

As you can see, the argument leans towards the positive.

Reasons You Should Bulk Buy Vape Juice

Experts suggest buying bulk will benefit you in the following ways.

Good Quality Products Are Usually on Sale in Bulk

The most popular e-liquid on the market comes in bulk format. You can buy the same high-quality product in larger bottle sizes, that you would buy in 10 ml bottles. Bottle sizes which don’t include nicotine can go as large as 120/150/180 ml. If you vape 10ml per day, this will last you 2 weeks and more.

You Will Always Have Stock of Your Favourite Flavours

When you buy in bulk at the start or end of the month, you buy enough vape juice to last you for 30 days. However, you don’t always use it all. The next month, when you come to buy it, you can choose different flavours. This will eventually lead to a connoisseur’s collection of e-liquids which you can enjoy at your leisure.

Manufacturers designed vape devices so that we should change the coils per flavour. You can keep your coils flavour specific by sealing them in a zip lock bag and keeping that bag with the appropriate flavour.

Save a Few Bucks

Work your vape spend for the month out when you create your monthly budget. This way, you can bulk buy enough vape juice to last you the full month and you won’t run out. This will save you a percentage, since the larger the quantity of vape juice you buy, the less you spend. For example, at Vape Direct we might offer 6 10ml bottles for £20, or 3 50ml refill bottles for £25. If you use 10ml per day with a sub ohm device, this means you could buy your month’s products with significant savings.

You Can Buy from Several Sized Bottles

Bulk buying could mean buying 6 bottles of 10 ml nicotine shots or it could mean buying 6 bottles of 50 ml long fill. It could mean buying 3 bottles of 150 ml vape juice, depending on the deal. Bottle sizes start from 10 ml and go all the way up to 180 ml. When you bulk buy vape juice from Vape Direct UK, our biggest bottles are 150 ml.

Buying Trusted E-Liquids is Safer

We cannot and should not ignore the consequences of neglecting to buy bulk e-liquids from a reputable source. Buying e-liquids from a source you trust, which falls in line with UK government regulation, is the best way to ensure your safety while you use an electronic cigarette. Dr Michael Baha, from Hopkins Medicine, points out that homemade vape juices are extremely dangerous. “There are reports that people may put essential oils, multivitamins, or traces of medicines into e-liquids” he said. He also admitted that we do not know the full effect of all vape juice chemicals yet and urges caution.

Reasons Not to Bulk Buy Vape Juice?

The only possible reason not to bulk buy your vape juice is the upfront cost. If you cannot afford to bulk buy because it costs a little extra to begin with, you must buy your vape juice in smaller quantities. Smaller quantities cost more. For example, a Riot S: ALT vape juice in 10 ml will cost you £4.99. If you buy it in the 50ml short fill bottle edition, it costs £13.99. This would be a total saving of £10.96 minus that nicotine shot. The more you buy, the more you save.

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