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7 Amazing Vape Tricks! - Vape Direct

7 Amazing Vape Tricks!

Experienced vapers young and old can astound their friends with these amazing vaping tricks. Are you ready to be the life and soul of the party?

Vaping is all about having fun and enjoying life. The range of flavours and devices make it a world of delightful choice. What could make it more delightful? If our experts here at Vape Direct taught you how to do some vape device tricks to amaze your friends with. So stay tuned if you want to be the centre of attention for a moment or two.

The 7 Amazing Vape Device Tricks You Need To Know About

Ready to start bending minds and delighting friends? Try these top 7 vape device tricks on the internet.

Vape Direct THE dragon vape trick

1 – The Dragon

We will start with the dragon because it is the easiest to learn. This trick makes you look like you are breathing fire – or at least the smoke that precedes a fire. This vape trick looks coolest when you have a sub ohm or powerful vape device. The more vapour your device produces, the bigger the impact. We suggest something of similar power to the Smok R-Kiss 2 sub ohm set for this, although you could use the Vaporesso Gen Air 40 for a less bulky product. The Smok comes in red, which seems correct for the Dragon.

How to do The Dragon?

Step 1 – Breath in as much vapour as you can hold in your lungs

Step 2 – Close your lips at the front of your mouth

Step 3 – Open your mouth at both sides, keeping your lips closed in the middle

Step 4 – Breathe out your cloud of vapour all at once

When performed correctly, the Dragon looks like you are breathing fire.


The Ghost vape trick vape direct UK

2 – The Ghost

The Ghost is a cool looking vape trick that uses mouth to lung vaping to look good. To perform the ghost vaping trick you can follow the steps below. Release the vapour slowly to control it, then draw it in again slowly to get that phantom look. Since this is a mouth2lung vape challenge, you don’t breathe the smoke into your lungs but hold it in your mouth. To do this, imagine your vape mouthpiece is a straw and hold the steam in your mouth instead of swallowing it. You can see this article on how to prevent dry hits when vaping if you need it.

For this trick we suggest a strong M2L device, so go for a product with a battery above 1000mAH. The Vaporesso Luxe Q is a sound choice and carries that Vaporesso seal of quality. The Geekvape Mero AIO is another brilliant choice because it is a great all-rounder. It could perform most of the tricks here since it has a variable rate of release.

How to do The Ghost?

Step 1 – Breathe in a good mouthful of vapour as if you were breathing in through a straw

Step 2 – Do not inhale the steam, just hold it in your mouth

Step 3 – Slowly open your mouth and allow the vapour to float in front of it in a cloud

Step 4 – Wait for a second or two, the denser the cloud, the less it will scatter

Step 5 – Suck the vapour back into your mouth as if you had a straw

Bonus steps – You can suck the cloud back in quickly, or even bite it out of the air, to add layers

When performed correctly, the Ghost trick ought to appear as though a cloud hovers in front of your mouth before you swallow it up again.


The tornado vape trick UK Vape Direct

3 – The Tornado

This is the vape trick that you may have seen which uses a full breath of vapour blown gently onto a table top. The two keys to this trick are going slowly and making sure you don’t move too quickly or breath too heavily or you risk disturbing the steam. This is a trick that relies on stillness. It also requires a strong and steady stream of vape juice, performed with that mouth 2 lung action. Since you require a blanket of vapours, we suggest a direct 2 lung – or sub ohm – device that you use as a mouth to lung, or pod, device. Our top choice products to perform the Tornado vape trick would be the Vaporesso Swag for those that mouth 2 lung, or the powerful Freemax – Maxus Solo for the DTL experience.

How to do The Tornado Vape Trick?

Step 1 – Breath in a mouthful of vapour and hold it there, do not inhale

Step 2 – Gently blow your vapour out by leaning close to a flat surface and slowly exhaling

Step 3 – The vapour should gather in a low hanging mist clinging to the flat surface

Step 4 – Slowly turn your head to the side if you want to exhale the last drop

Step 5 – Gently back away from the surface or keep your head where it is to perform the trick

Step 6 – Take your right hand and turn it so that the little finger rests on the table, palm facing you

Step 7 – Gently more your hand away from your face to produce tornadoes

When performed correctly, you can send tornados flying across your table top of vapour.



4 – The Big O’s

Bigger, better ‘O’s’ mean tighter control on your lips and a faster coughing motion. If you can master this trick, you should blow smoke rings into the air just like the trendiest smokers of old. To perform this trick, you breath the vapour all the way into your lungs. Which obviously means that we suggest you choose a D2L or sub-ohm device. Let’s check some vape kits products that can help create bigger smoke clouds for you to work with. Interestingly, the Vaporesso Gen Air 40 is a new model of pod vape which carries the strength of a sub ohm, so try it out with this trick for optimal performance.

How to do the Big Os Vape Trick?

Step 1 – Take a deep breath of juice and inhale it all the way into your lungs

Step 2 – Take in as much vapour as your lungs can hold for the best effects

Step 3 – Start to slowly breathe the vapour out

Step 4 – When there is a suitable stream, press your tongue against the bottom of your mouth

Step 5 – Make an ‘o’ shape with your lips

Step 6 – Force vapour out of your lungs with a mock-coughing motion

Step 7 – This sends rings of vapour into the air

Bonus Step – cough harder for faster, larger rings, and slower for smaller, slower rings

When performed correctly, this trick sends smoke rings out in front of your face.


the jellyfish vape trick at vape direct UK

5 – The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish is an advanced trick. You need to know how to do an O and a ghost before you can perform the Jellyfish vaping trick. This trick looks like a giant jellyfish is floating in the air and requires you to move to keep up with it. Are you up to the challenge? Let’s find out.

Any vape device with a high strength can work for the Jellyfish trick. You want one that gives you a high dose of vapour as quickly as possible – so it really has to be a sub ohm. Opt for a shiny Geekvape Aegis Legend if you like the bling. Otherwise, the Innokin T20S should be powerful enough.

How to do The Jellyfish?

Step 1 – Take a deep breath down into your lungs

Step 2 – When breathing out, put your tongue flat and your lips in an ‘o’

Step 3 – Cough to make your ‘O’

Step 4 – Follow along behind your ‘O’ with your hands flat behind it, pushing slightly

Step 5 – Take a second draw of your vape and get ready to perform the Ghost

Step 6 – Hold the vapour in your mouth and breathe it out as a ghost through the centre of your ‘O’

Step 7 – Stop following along and allow your jellyfish to fly

Important – Don’t breathe your ghost back in this time, just let him fly.

When performed correctly, you should see a jellyfish shape floating away from you.


vape trick triangles at vape direct

6 – Triangles

Blowing a triangle with your vape device is an advanced trick. This is because we must learn how to blow ‘o’s before we can turn it into a triangle. The trick relies on manipulating the smoke ring while it’s in the air. We like the Smok V9 Stick for this one. It has the power and the discreet shape that makes this trick fun.

How to do The Triangles Vape Trick?

Step 1 – Inhale a deep breath of vapour down to your lungs

Step 2 – Keep your tongue flat at the back of your mouth and form your ‘o’ shape

Step 3 – Cough out your ‘o’ and then follow behind it with the flats of your hands extended

Step 4 – Use your hand to move the air downwards twice at one side of your circle

When performed correctly, this trick looks as though a triangle forms in the air in front of you.


Liquid mist vape trick on ice vape direct uk

7 – On Ice

This trick requires two glasses, both with a little liquid or ice in them. This trick is best at garden parties or outdoor events where you can vape socially. To perform the on-ice vape trick, you can use a pod kit or a sub ohm device. For pods, we suggest the Smok Nord 4 for its strength. You want a solid cloud with this trick, but one that you can control. We like the VooPoo Drag S pod kit too, as both have the power of the sub ohm in the body of the pod.

How to do the On Ice Vape Trick?

Step 1 – Place the two glasses on the table before you

Step 2 – Take a mouthful of your vape, hold the vapour in your mouth without inhaling

Step 3 – Slowly release the vapour cloud into the first glass as if breathing out through a straw

Step 4 – the vapour will cling to the liquid or ice

Step 5 – Slowly back away so you don’t disturb it and exhale any extra vapour

Step 6 – Pick the glass up and pour the ice/liquid and smoke into the second glass

When performed correctly, this trick allows you to pour a waterfall of vapour from one glass into another.

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