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Which is the Best SMOK® Vape?

Want to know more about vape device brands? We reviewed the best products by SMOK®, below.

When it comes to internationally acclaimed and world renowned vape device brands, you can’t get much bigger than SMOK®. They claim to be the world’s favourite vaping brand, but we can neither confirm nor deny this. What we do know is that they are everywhere on the vaping market, producing countless products with the distinctive SMOK® stamp of innovation and authenticity.

Let’s talk about SMOK®: who are they and what they bring to the vape device table?

Who are SMOK®?

SMOK® founded in 2012 and have expanded ever since. Nowadays, they are the leading brand of IVPS Technology Co Ltd. This particular brand specialises in research and development of new vaping products, which is probably why we know SMOK® as the great innovators that they are.

SMOK® experienced an exponential spurt of growth in the last few years, so much so that they have passed the 1 million followers mark on social media channels. They operate in over 50 countries, with a growing list of retailers, devices, and nationalities, joining their cause every day.

SMOK® aim to provide world leading vape device products coupled with an interactive vaping community. They even have their own vape-based social media platform called IVPS Tour. They want to encourage a world where vapers come together and create a harmonious, helpful environment where they can support each other. As far as vaping brands go, you don’t get more wholesome than that.

What Types of Products do SMOK® Offer?

SMOK® pride themselves on offering every different level of vape device. They do this with the aim of matching different price points and keeping the market fluid. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, SMOK® have a product you’ll love.

Here are some of our favourite SMOK® products.

The SMOK® Disposable Range – Best for Convenience

If you are the type of person who only vapes when they are drinking, you don’t want a whole vape device that you are going to forget about and leave in the pub. You need a disposable vape. SMOK have a whole range of e-cigarette style disposable vaping pens for you. These last about 500 puffs, depending on your puff length. They come in such enticing flavours as grape and strawberry ice, though you can view them all, here.

The SMOK® V9 Stick – Best for Subtle Vaping

If you want a vape pen that fits easily into your pocket and doesn’t carry the knock-out power of a sub ohm device, then the SMOK® V9 stick is a great option for you. It’s discreetly shaped, easier to carry, and doesn’t emit huge puffs of vapour. If you are a mouth to lung vape user, try this SMOK product for a mind blowing experience.

The SMOK® Nord 4 Vape Kit – Best for Beginners

The SMOK® Nord 4 Vape Kit is the latest in a line of SMOK products guaranteed to give you satisfaction. This is the best kit for a beginner since it comes with everything you might need for future vaping pleasure. It’s an 80W kit, so it’s somewhere between the intensity of the sub ohm and the low wattage of the M2L vape.

The SMOK® R-Kiss 2 – Best for D2L vaping

If you’re looking for a direct to lung vaping experience, SMOK® have got you covered. Check out the SMOK R-Kiss 2 design and never look back again.

Are SMOK® the Brand for You?

If SMOK® isn’t the vaping brand for you, have no fear. There are plenty of other brands to choose from and you can find many of them right here in the Vape Direct online store.

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