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Black Friday in the UK - Vape Directs discounts

With Black Friday fast approaching, we thought its time we reviewed what’s on offer here at Vape Direct, one of the UK’s leading vape shops.

Ready to rack up some discounted deals? If you are a full time vape user, Black Friday is the ideal time to stock up on those bulk buy deals. Not sure if you get Black Friday in UK vape shops? We are delighted to tell you that our Milton Keynes, Buckingham, and online UK vape shop all run discounts in the November rush. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an American concept. It has been adapted for use in the UK by big brands, who use it to move the end of product lines in time for the new Christmas stock. Black Friday is one Friday in the end of November where brands offer discounts on their prices. What does this mean for the average consumer? It means that you can get the products you’ve had your eye on, at knock-down prices. Does this apply to vape shops in the UK? It does now.

Will there be any early bird deals at Vape Direct?

At vape direct we can’t help but get into the Black Friday spirit just that little bit early…. That means that if you keep your eyes peeled on our sale section and sign up for our newsletter there’s a good chance you can nab some early discounts and deals.

We have multi-buy deals already in store and prepared for the Black Friday rush. If you keep checking our sale page, you will find any early bird deals. Right now, we are offering two for £12 on menthol vape juices. We’ve even got deals on batteries, so you can keep vaping longer for less.

How Long Does Black Friday Last?

Black Friday used to last for a single day of the week. However, we used a little modern thinking here at Vape Direct so we could extend it for the entire weekend. Black Friday lasts from midnight on November 24th until midnight on November 27th. Following that, we even run some cool discounts for Cyber Monday, too. If it’s a new high class vape kit you are looking for, check back in with our vape kits page on Cyber Monday – the 28th of November 2022. Keep an eye on our mods section, just in case.

What sort of discounts can I expect on Black Friday?

This year Vape Direct are hand-selecting the most popular bargains on vape juices, Vape Accessories, and kits, for you. We will offer fantastic savings across the site. You can already get nicotine shortfills on offer at Vape Direct for 2 for £20. Even the short term vape user has something to look forward to with our 2 for £10 offer on Elf Bar disposables.

Sitewide discount codes will be sent out in the days leading up to black Friday and more on the day, flash sales, buy one get one free offers, free gifts, free shipping, and extra discounts for members only who have signed up to our newsletter so get yourself signed up to be the first to know about all the fantastic offer and deals as soon as they launch!!

The Vape Direct Black Friday Giveaway!

If you sign up for the Vape Direct newsletter during Black Friday, or the two weeks leading up to it, we will give you the chance to win a £100 gift card to spend in our UK vape shops. The gift card could be yours! as long as you place an online order over the black Friday weekend. We will enter you automatically and let you know if you are a winner!

But That's Not All!

3 lucky vaping fans will also win one of the three Vaporesso XROS 0.8 Kits. These high powered, popular vape devices will make a nice present for yourself, this Christmas. We will let you choose between Sierra blue, gold, or neon. Too big for you? We sell the XROS mini pod kits, for those who want something more discreet. You can even pick up all the spare parts you need for your new device right here at Vape Direct.

Stay tuned on Black Friday weekend when we will draw the winners.

What vape products are going to be on offer this Black Friday?

We have stocked our UK vape shops with all the key ingredients for a successful Black Friday 2022. These delicious deals on vape juices and vape kits will go live on the 24th of November. If you want it, you must act quickly before we sell out!

You could earn massive savings on popular vaping devices and E-liquids in our sale. Choose E-liquids from A WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS.

Start your Christmas shopping before the rush this year by taking part in our Black Friday Sale. Keep your eyes peeled on our Sale Section so you can be the first to know about vape product bargains for 2022.

Quitting Smoking for Christmas?

There’s no better time to try and give up cigarettes than when you have the threat of a Christmas with the extended family. Knowing they will judge you for every puff makes it far easier to switch out to a vape device. Browse our vape kits products for a good starter system for you. Vaping is around 95% less harmful for you than cigarettes, according to studies and the UK government. It could even eradicate the smoking epidemic. Buy in the Black Friday sale to take advantage of reduced prices for vape products.

What types of Deals on Vape Devices do Vape Direct have?

Browse our sale section to find out. You can be sure that we will slash prices with huge discounts throughout the store. Looking for a supply of vape juices? Our UK vape shop black Friday deal has it. Looking for a new vape device? If you can’t get it on Black Friday, try back in on Cyber Monday. Looking for accessories? Vape parts? Replacement coils? A new juice flavour? We will discount our vape products across the store.

Whether you are an M2L or a D2L vape user, you can expect reductions of up to 70% in our vape shops. Check in with us in person in Stacey Bushes, Milton Keynes, Neath Hill, Buckingham, or online.

!!Black Friday is Coming!!

Are you prepared for the epic deals on vape products in the UK this Black Friday? Head to our sales page for deals and join our newsletter for the fastest way to stay tuned.



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