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Sky News Reports Lowest Number of Smokers on Record – Vaping Given Credit

In a report released on December 6th, 2022, the global news provider claim there are the lowest number of smokers on record since 2011. The news team suggest that vaping is responsible for a huge drop in numbers of smokers throughout the UK.

Key Statistics on Vaping Vs Smoking

  • Office of National Statistics records show 6.6 million UK smokers in 2021
  • Statistics from 2011 show a drop from 20% of all British adults smoking, to 13.3% in 2021
  • Lowest rates of UK smokers since records began
  • Majority of vape users are ex-smokers or smokers trying to quit
  • Only 1.5% of people who have never smoked take up vaping

With a 6.9% drop in the overall number of smokers in Britain, the ONS and Sky News both claim that e-cigarette use is significantly responsible for the switch. The ONS takes its data from UK census information, making it a reliable source.

Continued Trends in Vaping over Smoking

The UK are already trialling vape devices in public hospitals. They are proving exceptional by comparison to nicotine replacement therapies in clinical trials. We already reported on the potential of vape use to eradicate the smoking trend altogether among young adults. Further evidence suggests that this decline in smoking is across all age groups. These trials came after reports last year found vaping to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking overall.

How do you use vaping to help quit smoking?

If you would like to use vaping to quit smoking, you will need a MTL vape device. Look for a pod kit or a vape device with a battery power of around 1000mAh. The higher powered sub ohm devices are likely to facilitate direct to lung vaping, which means you don’t get the hit at the back of your throat that smoking used to give you. We recommend the Vaporesso Gen 80s kit. It has a stronger battery power but manages to keep that burn if you want it. Vaporesso are a solid brand with great feedback. We sell many of these to ex-smokers. The Vaporesso Gen Air 40 might be better if you are completely new to the world of vaping. It packs slightly less punch but just as much durability.

Innokin vape devices come in all different colours and take on that slimline design which you are happy to carry in your pocket. They are tough models with reinforced tanks, which adds to their longevity. They sit at 1000mAh, giving exactly the right amount of punch and flavour. Keep an eye out for the VooPoo Drag S Pod Kit, too. This vape device is ideal for the ex-smoker. It’s stylish, comes with easy to refill pods, and it is incredibly popular in our UK vape shop.

We recommend you stick to a tobacco flavour vape juice. Try to choose a liquid with a high VG:PG ratio, since this will help with that throaty burn. You can learn more about vape liquids in the Vape Direct Vape Room.

Lastly, choose a percentage of nicotine which accurately reflects how much you smoked. If you smoked less than ten a day, try an 8mg nicotine dose to start you off. Light smokers can use a lower dose, while heavy smokers may require a 20mg nicotine vape to help them quit. You can read this guide for a detailed account of your first week vaping to help you begin.

And Remember…

You can call into any one of our stores to ask our advisors for more help choosing the right product for you. Find us in Stacey Bushes, Neath Hill, Birmingham, Bedford, and Milton Keynes, or shop online for vape products, right here in the UK.

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