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Elfbar: Disposable Vapes Against Counterfeits

Epic international producer of disposable vape devices Elfbar issued a sharp warning to consumers this month. In an unprecedented statement, Elfbar warned customers about the disproportionate rise in counterfeit products.

Elfbar, responsible for the 600 and the Lost Mary range of popular disposable vape devices, released a statement to warn customers about the rise in, and dangers of, illegal imported vape devices. Elfbar have led the way in tackling fake disposable vapes since back in 2021, when they began the counterfeiting action. Since then, the reputable seller have helped customs officials seize 2 million counterfeits and counting. first reported on the problem of illegal vape devices in the UK back in January 2022. Since then, the problem has spiralled. Sources in the BBC have revealed illegal vape devices were sold in Berkshire, seized in Kirklees, and removed from shelves in Nottingham.

How to spot a Counterfeit Vape Device?

Elfbar offer advice to clients on how to make sure the disposable vape you are buying is the real deal. If you think your vape device is a fake one, don’t use it. You can report your suspicions to the Trading Standards office.

Here are signs that might suggest your disposable vape device is a fake:

  • You bought it from a convenience store or other non-vape device shop
  • The ink on the label is smudged or blurred
  • There are no ingredients or product warnings
  • In the UK, all vape devices should have government nicotine warnings on them
  • There should be both a batch number and a best before date on your disposable vape

Fake vapes could overheat and explode. Another big danger lies in the ingredients, which are not tested by UK officials. Chemicals like diacetyl could give you a serious lung condition, all from a fake vape.

Where to Confidently Buy Elfbar Products?

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Let’s not leave out the top favourite Eflbar product, the cream tobacco flavour 600 puff disposable vape device.


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