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All Things Vaporesso - Gen 80s Kit – The Review

Looking for the next best vape device for you? The Vaporesso series is a stunning contribution to the world of vaping and this article should tell you everything you need to know.

Introducing the Vaporesso Gen 80s Vape Device Kit

We have mentioned Vaporesso before and with good reason. They are an international vape device brand who offer exemplary products that last the test of time. There’s a reason clients come back to this brand, again and again. The Vaporesso Gen 80s kit is a Vape Direct-Approved addition to an already impressive range. Released in the first quarter of 2022, let’s see how this vape device compares to others.

Product Specifications:

  • Available in pink, blue, silver, grey, or black
  • 5-80w power
  • 18650mAh battery power – slightly less than some competitor models
  • Pulse mode included
  • 2ml tank – max capacity for UK law
  • Top fill open tank system
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 96” screen – industry standard
  • 49g – ultra lightweight

Build Quality and Design of the Vaporesso Gen 80s

Features We Love:

  • That up to 80w power is ideal for sub ohm vaping
  • Variable wattage which the device detects based off coils
  • Lots of brands of this calibre don’t include pulse mode
  • We adore an open tank; they are more powerful than pod kits
  • Can take a .2 or a .4ohm coil, with the .2 giving more vapour
  • Adjustable airflow for a bigger or smaller draw

Functionality of the Gen 80s

This is a lightweight device that you must buy the battery for separately. It has a top fill which doesn’t take specialist equipment to fill. It’s simple and effective. In terms of sub ohm and DTL vaping, the Vaporesso Gen 80s device gives good clouds which vary depending on your choice of coil.

Using the Vaporesso Gen 80s Kit – How Does it Vape?

It is tricky to become used to how light it is. You will keep thinking it isn’t in your pocket. The older tanks were lighter while the mod was heavier. In previous models though, the tank didn’t seem as durable or as well made. The battery replacement is as simple as changing a double A. The screen is clear and bright. We particularly love the three button control system. This is industry standard, yes, but the Vaporesso does so much more with those three buttons than other brands do.

What comes with the Vaporesso?

Notably you do not get a battery in the box. You must buy this separately. That’s a point against this device which they soon make up for in durability, style, and function. What do you get in the box instead? You get a USB-type C charging cable, spare tank glass, two coils, the mod kit itself, and a bunch of instructions. You can check out these vape juices that we currently have if you need inspiration.

The Pros and Cons of the Vaporesso Gen 80s Vape Device

Let’s break this down into straightforward, easy to understand pros and cons. At a glance, this is what the Gen 80s looks like.

The Pros:

  • Variable wattage
  • Choice of coil resistances
  • Pulse mode enabled
  • Lightweight
  • Good looking
  • Suitable for DTL and sub ohm vaping
  • Powerful vapour clouds
  • Spare tank glass which we all could use

The Cons:

  • Slightly less battery strength and longevity than similar models
  • The battery comes separately

Is the Vaporesso Gen 80s the Right Vape Device for You?

Whether you love it or hate it, we can help you find what you need. Here at Vape Direct we stock all types of vape device starter kits, including brands like SMOK, Aegis, and more. We sell devices and spare parts, including replacement coils, pods, and even tanks. You can also visit us for all the best vape juices, including V4 Vapour, Dinner Lady, and Riot Squad. Make sure you visit our blog, too, where we can help you decide what your next vape kit could be.


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