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All Things Vaporesso: The High Tech Vape Brand

Vaporesso are one of the biggest names in vaping here in the UK. Learn all there is to know about this high tech vape brand right here, with Vape Direct.

You would have to be brand new to vaping to not know who Vaporesso are. This tech-focused vaping brand has been producing high quality vape supplies since back in 2015. 7 Years later and counting, the brand’s blend of vape devices, new tech, and reliable equipment, are winning new loyal consumers every passing day.

Consider this a Vaporesso appreciation post. We aim to explore what it is about this brand that makes them so moreish. Vaporesso fan? Learn everything you need to know and shop for Vaporesso products all in one convenient place…right here.

Who Makes Vaporesso?

Set up in 2015, Vaporesso started life in Shenzhen, China. Company founder Simon Lai opened the firm as a daughter company of the bigger brand Smoore. Smoore, is worth an excess of $23 bn total. This allows them to place huge amounts into research and development of new tech for vaping. Smoore International is a global conglomerate founded in 2009. They combine large manufacturing capacity with vaping tech solutions powered by a $450 million research investment every year.

  • Vaporesso belong to Smoore
  • Smoore specialise in vaping technology
  • Millions invested in vape tech each year

Why Choose Vaporesso?

In the 7 short years they have been on the scene, Vaporesso have managed to make waves in the international vape market. The very fact that Vaporesso are consistently voted among the most popular vapes in the UK are proof of that. This is one company recognised for the high quality devices they sell – but who other vape brands copy the technology from.

Although the company themselves are eager to put forward a professional face, it is the way they conduct their research which sets them apart from other companies. Vape brands make vape devices. To do it, they ask questions and conduct market research. Vaporesso are masters in listening to the feedback they receive and shaping new products or technologies that cater to that feedback.

In total, Vaporesso confess to over 1000 patents in vape technology and counting. They are a long way from finished yet. Think how much more they could accomplish if we give them another 7 years.

What Customers Like About Vaporesso?

Consumers reliably compliment certain things that this brand consistently provide. Some of the positive Vaporesso feedback we get in our vape shops here at Vape Direct include:

  • Excellent temperature regulation through Corex Technology
  • The Vaporesso coil is highly durable in comparison to similar brands
  • Better low wattage vaping
  • Bigger clouds of vapour
  • More flavourful vaping
  • Axon chip tech providing intelligent response
  • Leakproof tanks
  • Users particularly love the XROS models

Vaporesso make a range of devices which come in pod form, open tank form, mod form, and more. Although it took time for the UK market to accept the earlier versions of their pod products, Vaporesso’s recent contributions to the market have been hit after hit. So much so, in fact, that a Vaporesso spokesperson referred to the brand as “the Apple of vaping”.

A bit about Corex Technology

Back in 2019, Vaporesso went viral by introducing a Corex Coil. This Corex ceramic coil uses cotton wicks that hold 40% more flavour than other coils. Rumoured to give you increased nicotine delivery, the Corex Coil gives 30% more vape cloud for your money. Widely regarded as the best vaping coil on the market, It remains one of Vaporesso’s proudest achievements to date.

What is the Vaporesso Power Shop?

An excellent example of this brands obsession with technology and feedback in action shines through their feedback system. Affectionately dubbed the Powershop Program, this system is an open platform that connects their stores to their designers. The people who make the vapes get to chat with the people who use the vapes, and with the company’s front line representatives.

There is not a single piece of information that this brand doesn’t use to improve their products. That’s why you ought to choose a Vaporesso over a lesser brand.

Popular Vaporesso Products – 2022 Edition

Wondering if Vaporesso are the right brand for you? If you love high tech solutions, responsive software systems, and hardware that is built for your needs, then we highly recommend them. Here are some of the favourite Vaporesso products we sell here at Vape Direct.

The Xros Range

The Xros are a long term favourite Vaporesso product according to our sales reports. We routinely sell out of these devices because they are compact, sleek, and pack a punch.

The Gen 80S

Brand new to the market for 2022, the Gen 80S kit from Vaporesso has everything you need to start vaping. This vape device contains all the hard hitting Vaporesso power but in a smaller unit. It outputs at 80w with an 18650 battery. It features top filling, DTL mesh coils, and pulse mode.

The Vaporesso Swag PX80

An oldie but a goodie, this reliable go-to for vapers who want to move on from beginner to experienced user never fails to score. The Swag is a favourite because it is one of the better looking vape devices. It has a 0.96” screen in the holographic IML panel, the patented Axon chip, and pod refills.

Replacement Parts

Since Vaporesso devices last so long, we keep a full stock of replacement parts for any full time vaper. Check out the Vaporesso Luxe Q pods for refilling your device. We have GTX coils, GT Core coils, Xros pods, and even replacement tanks. Not sure we have what you are looking for? You can call us or send us an inquiry online to find out.

Where to Buy Vaporesso Vape Devices in the UK?

You can buy Vaporesso products right here with Vape Direct. Shop Vaporesso products online or visit one of our Milton Keynes based stores. We will happily chat to you about what makes Vaporesso an excellent choice in vape device for both the beginner and the experienced vape user. Shop online or visit us in store today.

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