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E-Liquids Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide E-Liquids Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide > E-Liquids Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide

E-Liquids Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide

Exploring E-Liquids: The Ultimate Guide to Uncover the Secrets of E-Liquids and Enhance Your Vaping Experience.

When you first start vaping the world of E-liquids can seem daunting. E-juice is not just a one-size-fits-all option for the new vape user. There is no standard type, blend, or brand of vape juice. Instead, you must learn to navigate this slightly complex world on your own.

This guide was designed with your needs in mind. We aim to explore what vape juice is, what the ingredients in E-liquid are, and how you can choose e-liquid brands which suit you. By the end of this guide to vape juices, you will know what the different types of e-juice are, how to store it, and which strengths work best for you.

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is the liquid we place inside the tank of a vape device to make the vapour we inhale. It usually contains nicotine, food grade flavourings, and a blend of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

When you inhale vapour from a pod kit, vape device, disposable vape e-cigarette, or mod kit vape, you breath in the heated e-liquid vapours. This is why we call it vaping. Here in the UK vaping is considered 95% less harmful than smoking. The UK government has a target to be smoke-free by 2030, so they encourage smokers to switch to vaping.

Vape juice is what makes vaping possible. It comes in all flavours but it will always come in 10ml bottles or less in the UK if it has nicotine in it. Only nicotine free e-liquids, like shortfill bottles, do not contain that nicotine. This means they can go over the regulated volume for each e-liquid bottle.

The regulation sizes for vape juice bottles in the UK are 10ml. If the bottle does not contain nicotine, it has no limit. The nicotine is the regulated product here. The 10ml vape juice bottles are further restricted by nicotine strength. You can have no more than 20mg of nicotine per 10ml bottle, for examples. Nicotine is a strong and highly addictive substance, so it’s important that you avoid it if you are new to vaping or smoking.

Vape juice generally contains a handful of chemicals. However, in countries outside the UK, other chemicals may be present in the vape devices. These chemicals may be banned in the UK, so always check before you buy them. You can click here to learn more about E-liquids.

The Types of E-Liquids

There are many types of e-liquids out there that you can choose from. So many, in fact, that it can be daunting to choose just one type, brand, flavour, or size of bottle. From Beginner E-Liquids to expert vapours, the varying types of e-liquid can have a significant impact on your enjoyment of using your new vape.

The Types of E-Liquids Include:

  • High VG: PG ratio e-juice – this is best for those who want to vape using a sub ohm device and choose a DTL vaping style.
  • High PG:VG ratio e-liquid – best for a throat hit which suits ex-smokers and an MTL vaping
  • Equal parts PG:VG as you often find in beginner e-liquids.

Types of E-liquids also differ in terms of flavour as well as viscosity. Ex-smokers favour tobacco flavour types of e-juice. This is because it tastes how they would expect a cigarette to taste. Those who only vape might prefer a fruity or sweet flavour, since they don’t associate their nicotine rush with tobacco flavourings.

Nevertheless, tobacco flavoured e-liquids sell fastest.

Other types of e-liquid might differ due to the brands which provide them, the manufacturers who make them, and the ingredients which they contain. We will examine each of these in greater detail below. You may also buy vape juice in the form of nicotine salts, a nicotine shot, or in a disposable vape, prepared on your behalf.

Lastly, there are certain types of e-liquid that work with certain devices. For example, you cannot refill the vape juice on a disposable vape device. You should stick to sub-ohm capable high VG liquid ratios for sub ohm vaping, and you ought to select a flavour you like. Make sure the e-liquid you buy is compatible with the vape device you own before you continue with the purchase.

Ingredients in E-Liquid

The ingredients in E-liquid change between countries. Certain chemicals are banned in some countries and not in others. Other chemicals might be legal for the production of other chemicals, but not legal in vape devices.

The UK government strictly regulates what chemicals can and cannot be used in vape juices. The FDA is a little less strict. This eliminates the chances of catching lung diseases due to misuse. For example, Diacetyl is not available within vape devices in the UK. This chemical causes cancer, including the disease nicknamed popcorn lung. In the UK, legally compliant vape juices do not use this. You can learn more about spotting fake vapes on our blog if you are curious.

Common ingredients in E-liquid in the UK include:

  • VG or PG, these liquids carry the flavourings but are tasteless themselves.
  • If you buy a nicotine containing liquid there will be a specified quantity of nicotine in the e-liquid. This has a bitter taste which the flavourings can mask. Nicotine may be from the tobacco leaves like nic salts or made from freebase nicotine, like this 50/50 blend from Riot Squad.
  • Fruit flavours which we might use in candy production like with this tangy raspberry V4pour.
  • Ethyl maltol, 2-isopropyl, and Allyl Hexanoate, are three examples of flavourings.
  • You may have menthol or mint, tobacco flavouring taken from the tobacco plant, or other natural – and synthetic – food based flavourings.

Storing E-Liquid the correct way can play a part in how the ingredients in E-liquid can interact. Just like any other chemicals, the flavours in the PG:VG blend which makes up vape juice can go off. They have an expiration date. After that date, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the tastes and scents will remain unchanged. Worse though, inhaling chemicals which surpass the expiration date could be harmful to your health.

Ditch any out of date e-liquids and restock your flavour stash with offers such as 4 10ml bottles for £10 and 2 for £18 on 50ml shortfills.

The Most Popular E-Juice Flavours

The most popular e-liquid in the UK is tobacco. It has been this way for some time. This is because the EU government and responsible vape sellers try to attract those who smoke with targeted marketing campaigns. Why do this? As part of meeting that all-important smoke-free target. Since most new vape users are former smokers – or still smoke – then it makes sense that tobacco flavours should dominate the market.

Eliquid flavours include everything from toasted marshmallow to menthol grape. You have a vast choice in flavour, no matter whether you prefer sweet, spicy, or savoury.

Looking for the ideal E-juice flavour? This E-liquid Flavour List should help inspire you.

Popular Tobacco E-liquids

As the firm fan favourite, there are several tobacco flavours you should look out for. vape juice buyers favour the Elfbar cream tobacco in disposable vapes in tobacco flavour. You can now buy Bar Juice in the same flavour. Doozy Legends golden elixir is another winner for those buying shortfill.

Popular Fruity E-Liquid Flavours

Fruit flavours are a fun way to vape without nicotine but offer a great alternative to the stale smell of tobacco smoke for those former smokers among us. Try out the PUNX Mango, Pineapple, and Peach 10ml for a flavour party. Try a basic blueberry to start you off, and then consider some tropical fury from Riot Salt.

Sweet E-Liquid Flavours

Sweeter e-liquid flavours might imitate your favourite dessert. Ohm Brew do a popular Rhubarb and Custard vape juice that always gets people talking. Everyone loves a Strawberry Cream Elfbar, and Dinner Lady have an amazing Lemon Tart.

Other E-Liquid Flavours

Other e-liquid flavours include a range of soda flavours, candy flavours, and citrus delights. Try a Cherry Fizzle, an Ultra-Peach Tea, or a Blackjack flavour vape juice, instead.

How to Choose the Perfect Flavour of E-Liquid?

Choosing the perfect Vape Juice for you takes time. It is a process of trial and error until you find a flavour that you like. However, if you follow these top tips on choosing e-liquid flavours you can narrow down the list of options to find something that suits you. Follow these tips to find your perfect flavour match.

Viscosity Matters

How dense your liquid is matters to the flavour. If you are trying a high PG liquid with sub ohm vaping, you will find the liquid is too thick to properly burn using your low wattage. This will make your vape either tasteless or burnt. Nobody likes a burnt taste.


If you are trying to quit smoking then you ought to stick to a tobacco flavour. Only after you have been vaping for long enough to stop craving cigarettes should you start to experiment with other flavours.

Try Disposables

Disposable vapes give you the chance to taste certain flavours for a few days without committing to a bundle deal. Trying different disposables will give you a fair knowledge on what the flavour range of vape juice is truly like.

Consider your Favourites

Another great tip for finding the right e-liquid flavour for you is to make a list of your favourite things to eat or drink. E-liquid allows you to get the taste of your favourite sweets, fruits, candies, and desserts, without taking any of the calories. Make a list of your favourite flavours and try them out until you find one you love.

And Another Thing…

Lastly, remember to switch between flavours every few days. You can get sick of a flavour if you stick to it all the time. Alternating lets you enjoy vaping from a fresh perspective every time you make the switch.

E-Liquids Premium Brands

The best way to easily ensure that you have a pleasant vaping experience every time is by sticking to brands that you know and love. There are many premium brands of E-liquid, with fresh offerings in store every season here at Vape Direct. Search for Vape Juice (all brands) to browse the full range of e-liquids we stock.

Premium brands include the following vape superstars for your perusal.


Ohmbrew E-liquids are a Belfast based brand who heartily encourage vape users to “kick smoking’s ass!”


Deranged specialise in mixology to create an arsenal of flavour backed by a brilliant branding process.

Elf Bar 600

Elf Bar 600 vape juices are on sale in the Vape Direct online vape shop for 2 for £10. You can find other bargain deals in our bundle offers. These are Elf Bar’s disposable vapes which you can also buy in 10ml form.

Pukka Juice

Pukka Juice are one of the premium quality e-liquid brands to choose from. They keep up with the latest trends in flavour, every time.

Doozy Vape Co

Doozy Vape Co and Seriously by Doozy are two well known names in vape juice brands. They aim to bring you the most tantalizing flavour profiles of any other e-liquid brands on the market.

Riot Squad

Riot Squad E-liquids and Riot Squad Nic Salts are two excellent products with a big nicotine hit. This is one of the e-liquid brands best known in the UK.


V4 Vapour are one of the best big named brands with small name prices. If you want an affordable option in vape juice that still packs a flavourful punch with each hit, check out V4Pour. You can buy these for 4 for £10 from Vape Direct.

How to Choose the Perfect E-Liquid Brand?

How do you choose e-liquid brands for you? E-juice brands are a whole different level to your choice in vape juice. Ultimately the difference in brands represents a difference in a few areas. All the above brands may make a blueberry vape juice, for example, but the quality, viscosity, and exact flavour profile, will all change what that individual blueberry vape juice will taste like.

In terms of branding, you can also check out the vape juices on offer using the price points each brand sets. If you want a budget option, for example, the V4Pour is a perfect solution. It offers high impact flavours, tasty blueberry goodness, a steady 50:50 PG:VG viscosity, and you can buy it in bundles to make even bigger savings.

On the other hand, if you want a vape juice that is longer lasting, comes with more punch to your tastebuds, or which mixes blueberry with other fruits, menthols, or desserts, you will need to choose an e-liquid brand which sells at a higher price point.

At the top end of the vape juice quality scale, the prices are closer to £4 per 10ml bottle than 4 for £10. The vape juice becomes even more expensive should the brand decide not to offer a shortfill option and instead sell only 10ml bottles.

FAQs About E-Liquids

Do you still have questions about e-liquids? We try to answer the frequently asked questions about vape juice below. Remember, if you still need further advice you can always drop into our Milton Keynes’ stores to speak to us in person. Failing that, use our contact us page to get in touch. We are always happy to help.

Vape Juice FAQs

  1. Q) Can I use one coil for different flavours?
  2. A) You should avoid mixing flavours using a single coil. The crossover between the flavours which are soaked into the wick will make your vape juice taste muddied. This takes away from your vape juice experience.


  1. Q) Why is the flavour going away?
  2. A) Your vape juice could be old or out of date if you notice it is not as strong as before. Additionally, try switching to a new vape juice flavour for a day or two and then switching back. A new vape flavour is like a new perfume. At first you notice it every time you spray it, then you get used to it and it is not as strong anymore.


  1. Q) Does vape juice go out of date?
  2. A) Vape juice does go out of date but not in the way you imagine. Rather than becoming mouldy, vape juice will lose its flavour profile over time. As the flavours dissolve to the air, the vape juice becomes blander. This makes it not worthwhile vaping if you want a pleasurable experience.


  1. Q) What’s the difference between premium brands of e-juice and budget brands?
  2. A) The differences appear in how long the vape juice lasts you, with the budget brand lasting for far shorter periods. The better the brand, the better the staying power of the juice. Tastes might be better, with premium brands of e-liquid producing mixed fruit flavours on a daily basis. Budget e-liquids tend to be a single flavour. You will pay more for a premium brand of e-liquid but the extra expense will be worth it.
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