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Vape Kits Explored: The Ultimate Guide Vape Kits Explored: The Ultimate Guide > Vape Kits Explored: The Ultimate Guide

Vape Kits Explored: The Ultimate Guide

Want to learn about vape kits but don’t know where to start? We made the perfect guide for your vaping experience!

Are you interested in using a vape device but don’t know one end of a vape kit from the other? If so, you may be one of the thousands of people who make the switch from smoking to vape use every month. In the UK we have an estimated 3.1-3.2 million vape device users. This is a win, not a loss since the majority of these were former smokers.

What is a Vape Kit?

Vape Kits are like an all-in-one bundle of vape products which help you start vaping immediately. Ordinarily the vape device, vape juice, and charger, might all be sold separately. When you order a vape kit, it comes with everything you need to start vaping, there and then.

The typical contents of your vape kit will include the vape device itself, which consists of the battery pack and handle, complete with control panel. It contains the glass tank and the atomizer or clearomizer unit. It will contain at least one coil, but some kits include spares. If there are any rubber seals or small parts like the mouthpiece, then the manufacturer may include these spares in the vape kit.

There are different kinds of vape kit which do different things for the user. You might get a standard vape kit which includes the battery, device, charger, and instructions. You might get an extended vape kit, which could also include any accessories associated with the model or even come with extra vape juice added in as incentive.

If you order a disposable vape kit, you will only receive the product. If you order a pod kit, you will receive a vape device complete with all the vital parts, except this device takes pods rather than has an open tank system. You might encounter the Elfa Pro pod kits, even, which model themselves on Elfbar flavours.

There are mini vape kits such as the Xros 3 mini pod kit by Vaporesso, and then there are the bigger vape kits such as the Geekvape Aegis Legend. The only necessary qualification to go from a vape device to a vape kit is that the user receives everything they need to recharge and use their device when they buy a full kit.

Types of Vape Kits

As a general rule there are 4 types of vape devices. These include box mod vapes at the most complex level. Under this we have standard open tank vaping systems, pod vape kits, and disposable vape kits. Each type of vape kit suits a different type of user.

A starter vape kit, for example, is the first level of vape kit you want to get. After you have tried a disposable vape and know you enjoy it, buying a starter vape kit for beginners will help you make that transition. You then transition from a beginner to a medium vape kit, from a medium to an expert, and potentially on to a box mod vape device which you can build yourself.

At beginner level you should ease yourself in with a disposable vape. After this, a pod kit allows you to retain the hit on your throat which cigarettes have, without the 4,000+ chemicals per smoke. The pod kit comes with pod refills, which you can click in and out for ease of refilling.

The vape kit usually uses a standard open tank refill system. They can be regular strength or sub ohm strength. Sub ohm level vapes use the lowest wattage possible to barely heat the liquid, thereby producing larger, colder clouds of steam.

Box mods are advanced versions of the open tank system. Usually you buy these modified vapes in separate parts. You can also piece these together on your own. You can also find replacement parts for tanks, glass screens, batteries, liquids, pods, and coils, through the online shop.

Whichever type of vape kit you choose, you ought to tailor it to both your experience level and your smoker status. Ex-smokers like the stronger throaty hits of pod vapes while non-smokers prefer the fruity and heady flavours you achieve with a sub ohm vape kit.

Anatomy of Vape Kits

You can break down a vape device into its constituent parts to make it easier to understand your vape kit. There are four types of vapes which we must break apart to learn how to get the best from each model. Each of the four types of vape kit will come apart in different ways.

Below are the main parts of any vape kits which you should familiarise yourself with should you wish to understand your vape device and achieve its full functionality. The anatomy of your vape kit includes:

As well as those explained below, your vape kit may come with extras based on the brand you buy. Other extras might include a spare rubber seal to prevent tank leakage or even a spare tank itself. Some vape kits contain one nicotine shot, or one 10ml bottle. Some do not contain E-liquid.

Now you can buy a vape device on its own but buying a vape kit contains more of the items you need to start vaping at your desired experience level. Choosing a starter vape kit will include the full range of items to let you start vaping straight away. An advanced vape kit includes lots of optional extras which you might not use with a starter vape. These might include spare tanks, extra design modifications, or interchangeable coloured batteries.

Disposable vape kits won’t contain any of the following. Instead, they come with the disposable vape device in the box and perhaps branding information and instructions for use. You should not try to take apart a disposable vape as it comes as one whole.

Otherwise, your vape kit should include the following items.

Drip Tip

The drip tip is a vaping accessory which connects to your vape kit. It is usually a hollow tube which connects to your atomizer, allowing you to easily refill your vape device without touching the battery. Not all vape kits have a drip tip. If your vape device does not have one, check your tank when you open it. There should be a clearly marked area where you can fill it.

Drip tips simply make your vape kit easier to fill. If you don’t have one, don’t panic. Read the instructions for further advice.


You should replace your Vape Coils with every new flavour of vape liquid that you use. The coil contains the wick part of the vape kit. It heats up when the battery sends a charge to it. The coil is inside the tank, in the central reservoir. You must be extra careful that you do not pour e-liquid down the central reservoir or you may flood your battery.

Instead, drip drops of vape juice on the new coil before you put it into your vape. Replace it when the tank is empty and then fill it up.


In the anatomy of a vape kit, your tank is the glass part of the device. If you use a disposable you will not be able to see or disconnect the tank. In any other device, the glass part is see-through so that you can tell at a glance how much vape juice you have left.

The vape kit tank may have markings on it which indicate juice volume. It may also have clear markings as to where you put the vape juice when you refill. You can buy your Vape Tanks separately should you break the glass on your vape kit.


The battery of a vape kit is on the bottom. This is the part you hold. It may have an LED screen with information displayed on it or it might have buttons on it. When you press the button on your vape kit, it will produce vapour. It does this because the battery sends a small, heated charge into the atomizer, where the heat turns the vape juice into gas.

Batteries are only suitable for a certain length of time. You can pick up a replacement Vape Batteries from our online vape shop if you require one.


Charging your vape device is an important part of the anatomy of your vape kit. The device will have the battery on the lower portion, where you hold it. There are two methods to reach the battery for charging. You may have a USB style vape charger which plugs into a slot in the bottom of the battery pack.

Alternatively, you might charge your battery by unscrewing the middle portion of the device. The charger for these vape kits operates by screwing into the battery pack, then connecting to the plug USB style. We supply replacement Vape Chargers should you need them.


The E-liquid, E-juice, or Vape Juice is the flavoured liquid that you insert into the vape device. The liquid either serves an open-tank system where you take the mouthpiece off to insert the juice, or it comes in pods. If you have a pod style vape kit you can now buy refillable pods, too.

It is important that you do not add the e-liquid to the battery section of the atomizer. Read the instructions to see where you add the liquid to your device. We have a full selection of Vape E-liquids for sale at

How to Use Vape Kits

When you first receive your vape kit, you should read any instructions that come with it. This will help you understand the anatomy of the vape kit and how to use vape kits. Once you have read the instructions, you will have to charge the vape device before you can do anything else. Locate the plug and cable for charging, then find the charging port on your vape device. Plug the charger into the mains and let your vape charge.

While the charger works its magic you have time to evaluate the other parts of your vape device. You will have to fill the tank with e-liquid, so locate the tank, the atomizer (the top part) and the coil. Find out if the box contains a drip tip for your use. Your vape device should not take longer than a couple of hours to reach full charge.

Once you remove your vape device from the charger, you can connect all the parts together. This means screwing the battery and atomizer back together, adding the coil if it isn’t already attached, then screwing the tank back on. Attach the mouthpiece – which is usually already attached to the atomizer – and you are ready to use your vape with just one more simple step.

Lastly, fill your vape tank up using an e-liquid of your choice. We have articles which can guide you through choosing the right e-liquid for you on the website. Make sure the wick in the coil is dampened with the juice or you may risk a burnt hit when you first use the vape. Give it a minute or two to fully soak into the coil before you try to use the vape device. This lets the juice in the coil heat up.

Benefits of Vape Kits

Vape kits come with several benefits over buying a single vape device on its own. They are also a step up from disposable vape devices since they can be used again and again. This section will discuss the benefits of vape kits as we know them today.

No Chasing Individual Parts

When you invest in a vape kit, you invest in a whole set of vape products. This is particularly useful for those ordering a vape starter kit, since these contain everything you need to get going at once. When you seek out new parts as a new vape user you run the risk of buying the wrong thing. This is easily done and happens more often than you would think. Choosing a full vape kit stops this risk.


When you choose either a starter vape kit, an intermediate vape kit, or an expert vape kit, you will be buying something that ought to work from the first moment you put it together. This may mean you need to charge it, but most vape kits nowadays offer some charge in the device so you can buy and start vaping immediately.

E-liquid Included

Many – but not all – vape kit sellers will throw in a bottle or more of a related vape juice. It might be a budget version, it might be a branded version, but either way it will give you a real taste of what’s to come. Remember to ask for a no-nicotine vape juice if you have never smoked before.


When you purchase a vape kit this way, you know that it will be compatible. All the parts will work together rather than against one another. You therefore eliminate the risk of buying a new tank or coil which doesn’t match your model. A mistake easily made when you are an inexperienced vape device user.

What is a Vape Starter Kit?

A vape starter kit is the first time of vape device you will own after you choose to move on from disposable devices. A starter kit includes everything you need to start vaping easily, without any complex instructions.

Your starter vape kit will include your vape device, the battery, a charger, an e-liquid, and any other parts that your new vape needs to function. These are great for beginners because they include the basic models which are easy to operate and give you maximum flavour.

Examples of a vape starter kit could be the Aspire Minican bundle or the Innokin T20s bundle. Both are great vapes for first time users and are simple to use.

How to Choose Perfect Vape Kit (Beginner)

Wondering how to choose a vape kit as a new vape user? There are simply styled bundles that can help. Beginner vape kits include the Caliburn Kit or the GTX Go in association with Riot Squad bundle.

How to Choose Perfect Vape Kit (Intermediate)

You can find our full range of Intermediate Vape Kits online, which should help you choose the right vape kit for you. As to recommendations on the best vape kit bundle for intermediate level vapers, we suggest the GTX Go TBVC.

How to Choose Perfect Vape Kit (Expert)

You can work out how to choose a vape kit for you as a vaping expert by looking at advanced models. These include box mods and open tank systems. You may even choose a multi-tank vape device to keep your vape game stronger for longer. Opt for a sub ohm for DTL vaping or elevate to the first class models per manufacturer. We recommend the Boost 2 Kit for the spare parts or a mod kit for future progress.

Vape Kit FAQs

In this section you will find the vape kit questions you need answers to. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can always contact us for further advice. Our Milton Keynes and Buckingham based employees will be happy to help.


  1. Q) What’s the difference between vape devices and vape kits?
  2. A) While a vape device is the single tool you use to vape with, a vape kit includes the accoutrements. You might buy a single vape device from the local store if you are buying a disposable vape. However, if you want a rechargeable device, buying a vape kit includes all you need to get started.


  1. Q) What is included in a vape kit?
  2. A) Vape kits include the battery, atomizer, coil, tank, drip tip, charger, and e-liquids, among other things.


  1. Q) Where do you buy vape kits online?

A) You can buy vape kits from our UK based vape shop online at

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