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Reasons to Vape Without Nicotine

Want to start vaping but scared you will develop an addiction? Vaping without nicotine could be for you.

While we love to vape here at Vape Direct, we can understand the reluctance for some. Clients that have never smoked, for example, do not want to start vaping because they don’t want to end up addicted to nicotine. This is a problem that has an easy remedy provided by any trustworthy vape trader. We provide our vaping flavours in nicotine-free, just to satisfy your niche needs.

Get Free from Nicotine’s Toxicity

If you are used to nicotine pods and want to try something different, you can find a replacement here. We offer every type of flavour of e-juice of which you can think. They both include nicotine, and do not include nicotine. There are people out there who don’t want to become addicted, who don’t like the taste of nicotine or the effects it has on their body. When they use a nicotine free vape juice, it allows them all the benefits of vaping but without that annoying nicotine queasiness.

There are many other reasons why someone would choose to vape a nicotine free vape juice. We have used this article to examine these reasons in greater detail.

1 - Nicotine Free Vapes are non-Addictive

We will start with the most obvious point. If a vape juice is nicotine-free, it is not addictive. There are two types of people who are worried about addiction to vape pens. One of those is the new vaper who does not want to depend on daily puffs. The second type of vaper who would not want nicotine in their steam, is the ex-smoker. If you have had an unhealthy relationship with nicotine in the past, then you do not want to start relying on it again after you went through all the trouble to quit.

Those quitting smoking can also use the vape device with 0% nicotine juice to help them quit. The act of vaping will hit the throat in an analogous way to smoking did. This satisfies the need to do something with their hands, even while they still have cravings for nicotine. We know that studies support vaping as less harmful than smoking by as much as 95%, so this is not a bad idea for all you smokers thinking of quitting out there.

2 – Nicotine is Toxic

As much as we support vaping without the same level of chemicals that cigarettes contain, nicotine is still a toxic substance. It is naturally occurring in tobacco products and is not good for your health. It can become addictive and worse; you can suffer from nicotine poisoning if you use too much of it. Taking a break from the toxins for a while is good for your body. It will allow you to detox so you can get back to full health.

Nicotine poisoning is characterised by vomiting, a rapid heart rate, salivation, and unsteadiness. It is more common in children due to their small size. You should keep your vape juices out of the reach of children for this exact reason.

3 - Take a Nicotine Break and Still Vape

If you are looking for a vape kits collection, we have almost thirty products that you can check. You will be able to use these to take a break from nicotine while still enjoying the myriad of flavours vaping brings. It is not always about chasing the nicotine high, it’s about enjoying a dazzling blend of sweet, savoury, fruity and nutty flavours, designed to elevate your palate.

Nicotine free e-juices let you enjoy these flavours without the headrush or dirty feeling of having used a drug. There are those of us who are only in it for the fruity goodness. Let us have our vapes nicotine free.

4 - Satisfy a Sweet Tooth Without Guilt

Following on from the last point, there are people who want to satisfy a sweet tooth and use vape juices to do so. By picking out the sweetest flavours, you can use the juice to inhale, taste, and enjoy things that would otherwise give you diabetes. Vape juice lets you taste the flavours in multiple layers, without having to consume any calories. Your sweet tooth is satisfied and you get to go about your day.

That sweet tooth just does not activate in the same way if your vape juice has nicotine in it. Nicotine is naturally a bitter tasting compound, which can leave a nasty taste in the mouth. Choosing a nicotine free vape juice lets you bypass the bitterness and get straight to the good stuff. Scientists say the molecular and neural substrates encoding the taste of nicotine are unclear, though they admit it is commonly described as bitter in taste.

If you have a sweet tooth, you will never be short of flavours to satisfy it with.

5 - Nicotine-Free E juice is Often on Clearance

It’s true, since most people who vape have a mild to moderate nicotine addiction, you can usually find nicotine free vape juice in the clearance sales. There are commonly other flavours on sale too. Tobacco is a common type of e-liquid that manufacturers make plenty of, but it doesn’t all see use. Other flavours can haphazard. You might find a few minty or fruity flavours that have proven unpopular.

If you need a liquid that is not on sale, you can check out these vape juices that we currently have. Not all are nicotine free, of course, so remember to check the nicotine content before you order.

6 - Nicotine-Free Vapes are Smoother

Nicotine free vapes are just smoother than those that contain it. This comes back to the bitter taste again. If you have a bitter taste with every e-juice, it is nice to find a nicotine free one occasionally, to escape it. Nicotine free vape liquids contain one less chemical than other kinds do, so it would be smoother anyway, even if nicotine was not so bitter tasting.

If you are concerned that your vaping experience is not as smooth as it could be despite switching to a nicotine free vape juice, it may mean you are using a device that doesn’t suit you. Consider switching to a sub-ohm device, instead.

7 - You will Have More Options

When you do not take nicotine in your vape, you have more options. Not just in choice of liquid flavours, but also in life. Having a nicotine addiction ties you down. You struggle in airports, you are forced to go outside and smoke in the cold and wet, you cannot enjoy a pint or work a solid shift. All these things must stop when you go outside to smoke.

When you bypass this by vaping but without nicotine, you do not get the addiction but you still get all the enjoyment. This is a wonderful way to socially vape without getting hooked. It does not have the bitterness either, or you have a huge choice in flavours.

8 - It is the Safest way to Vape

Why is it the safest way to vape? If you do not smoke nicotine products you will never develop the addiction. This means you are not putting that harmful nicotine toxin into your body. You will not be a slave to it in the coming years, and you will not get the harm from the chemicals. Vaping nicotine-free e-liquid means vaping an e-liquid that does not stick to your hair or skin, does not stain your teeth or fingers, and doesn’t trap you in a cycle. It is the safest way to enjoy a vape device.

Should I Vape Nicotine Free Products?

If you have never vaped before but you want to try it, then nicotine-free vape juice is the way forward. Avoid the addiction but still enjoy the benefits, and the social aspect, of vaping. Yes, you should vape nicotine free products, but if you are an experienced vaper, they might not hit the spot the same as other e-liquids will.

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