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How to Choose Between the 4 Types of Vape Device How to Choose Between the 4 Types of Vape Device > How to Choose Between the 4 Types of Vape Device

How to Choose Between the 4 Types of Vape Device

Are you new to vape devices? If you are a first time vaper, you need to know which type of vape is right for you. The only way to find that out is by research, then by trial and error.

There are multiple types of vape device, each of which offers a slightly different vaping experience. This article guides you through each general type of vape kit, before we cover what the correct device for you might be.

What are the 4 Main Types of Vape Device?

There are four main types of vape device. These four types include disposable and slender vape devices, E-cigarettes which are long and thin, made to resemble a long, thin cigarette or a pen shape. These are discreet for use in the workplace, as long as you follow onsite guidelines on where you can use them. In the UK, you still cannot vape inside.

After these slender E-cigs comes the pod vape system. These pod kits are the simplest model to refill. You buy the pod kit and you insert the pod capsules to refill your device. This means clipping replacement pods into the vape device so that it punctures the seal and oozes the correct amounts of juice into your tank.

The third type of vape device is known by that name: the vape device or vape kit. These tend to be larger models, usually with a larger battery pack than the pods or disposables. The bottom part of the average vape device has a screen, buttons to control temperature and resistance, and may include sub ohm devices.

The fourth kind of vape device is the mod vape device. These are usually used by professional vapers. If you were to take part in the competitive vaping championships in and around Europe, you would use a low resistance version of the mod vape device. Essentially, these are devices which you can modify as much as you like. You can change tanks, battery packs, clearomizers or atomizers, and other compatible parts.

Which Vape Device is Correct for You?

Breaking down which of these types of vape device is correct for you is easier than you might think.

New Vape Users

The new vape user should start with a disposable device. This lets you know if you will enjoy the experience or not. Popular disposable vape devices include Elfbar, Elux Legend, and Lost Mary.

Ex-Smoking Vapers

The ex-smoker should try starting off with a pod kit. These nifty kits are easiest to refill and come with the tastiness of a nice clean vape device. These work best for mouth-2-lung vaping, which is the style we recommend for ex-smokers trying to quit by using a vape device.

Vape Kits for Vapers

Those who have vaped for a while should move on to the other vape kit devices. These have more power and are better marketed towards those who have a direct-2-lung vaping style. This usually comes with practice, use, and time. We recommend the Vaporesso, VooPoo, and Smok models.

For Experienced Vapers

Lastly, only the experienced vape user should consider the vape mod kit. Think of it as the cream of the crop. Only the best vape users can handle a box mod vape device. You can browse our online vape shop for inspiration.

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