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How to Spot a Fake Vape Device or Juice?

How to Spot a Fake Vape Device or Juice?

Recent reports from the UK vaping scene are claiming that UK vapers are developing conditions like popcorn lung. Since the chemicals which cause popcorn lung are banned for use in vape juice within the UK, we feel the better course of action is not to scare people away from vaping, but to educate vape users on how to spot potentially fake vape devices or juices which can be harmful to users.

How common are fake vape devices?

The BBC recently reported that there were 30,000 fake vapes confiscated in the UK during the month of December, 2022. Fake vapes are on the rise, with one woman recently diagnoses with popcorn lung in England. What’s so strange about that? Popcorn lung is the cause of vaping diacetyl, a chemical outright banned for vape devices here in Britain. As a result, it is vital that UK vape consumers recognise what a fake vape looks like and avoid taking risks with their health.

Ways you can spot fake vape devices.

When shopping in a random store which sells vape devices, look for the following details to spot fake vapes.

1 – Check the Store

Most fake vapes seized by trading standards UK have come from corner stores and small local shops. These are the biggest culprits for selling devices to children. If you see this happen, you can report the store to the Trading Standards agency. Buying from a reputable vape store such as Vape Direct can help prevent you buying a fake vape.

2 – Serial Numbers

Each regulated vape device within the UK comes with a serial number on the label. If you cannot find a serial number, it is likely a fake. It should be near the barcode and clearly marked.

3 – Branding

You can always tell whether a store is using official branding that comes with a contract with the vape device manufacturer, or whether the branding materials resemble something the shop owner printed off at home. Faded colours, slightly different logos, and poor quality printing are all signs that the vape devices on offer are less than reputable. Some branding can be quite similar, so be sure to use the serial number trick in conjunction with this test.

4 – How many puffs?

Disposable vape devices in the UK are limited to 600 puffs maximum. If your vape device claims it holds 5000 puffs, then it is definitely illegal. These products are particularly dangerous as these are imported from abroad. Importation means chemicals illegal in the UK.

5 – How much juice does it hold?

UK vape regulations limit the size of every vape tank to a maximum of 2ml. If you can fit a full 10ml vape juice bottle into your single device and that device is not a mod kit, then something has gone wrong somewhere. These devices are illegal based on the size of the tank. We sell replacement tanks too, should you believe your vape kit is illegal.

6 – What’s the nicotine strength?

If your disposable, refillable, or pod kit vape device contains over 20mg of nicotine then it is illegal. UK authorities limit the total nicotine strength of every vape juice or disposable device at 20mg. More than that could do damage to your system.

Finding Legal, Reputable Vape Products in the UK

If you want to buy from a reputable supplier, the team here at Vape Direct go out of our way to make sure we do not pick up any fake vapes or juices by accident. You can shop from our sale items or be first to enjoy our new vape products.


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