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Update: Illegal Vape Devices Seized Throughout the UK Update: Illegal Vape Devices Seized Throughout the UK > Update: Illegal Vape Devices Seized Throughout the UK

Update: Illegal Vape Devices Seized Throughout the UK

Trading Standards have cranked up the pressure in the beginning of 2023, raiding stores up and down England to seize thousands of pounds worth of dodgy vape pens.

Darlington Vape Seizures

In the beginning of January 2023, Trading Standards officials seized 2,200 illegal vape devices from four stores in Darlington. The police aided the officials in their seizures, which amounted to a total of £37,000.

While UK vaping laws prevent disposable vapes with over 600 puffs, these devices ranged as high as 10,000 puffs. Not only are the devices too large, but they also contain chemicals banned in the UK.

A representative from Darlington Council Trading Standards department warned that collectively across England they seized 1.4 tonnes of illegal vape devices in the second half of 2022.

One of the Darlington stores also sold illegal cigarettes. The officials acted after complaints from members of the public.

Southend Vape Seizures

On the 18th of January Trading Standards in Southend performed a similar operation. The raids amounted to £7,000 worth of illegal vape devices. Again, members of the public complained that the devices were being sold to children.

A spokesperson from Cancer Research UK told the Echo that while legal vape pens do contain potentially harmful chemicals, the risks associated with vaping are far safer than cigarettes. However, their statement applies to legal vape devices. Illegal vapes have unknown chemicals, potentially banned in the UK.

Illegal Vape Device Seizures are on the Rise

These seizures come just a few short months after Trading Standards raided stores in Newbury, Hungerford, Worcester, and canterbury. Last year we also reported on a similar problem in Nottingham. Many of these raids came after the stores in question were found to supply children. A spokesperson for council officials has noted that the vape pens contain colourful packaging, probably aimed at the younger buyer. They further warned that if you sold vapes to children, they were coming for you.

With so many locations selling these illegal devices, and some selling to children, it’s no wonder that officials are branding vaping as problematic. Nevertheless, studies finding issues with vape devices are all based in America, where the FDA allows the use of chemicals which are banned outright in  the UK. Illegal vapes run the risk of damaging the lungs because of the unknown chemicals within.

Put simple, if you want to buy a vape device which will not damage your lungs, buy your disposables and vape kits from a real vaping shop, rather than at the corner store.

Where to Buy Legal Vape Devices?

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