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How To Shop for Your New Vape Device

New to vaping? Looking for an upgrade? Here is a quick buyer’s guide on how to shop for a new vape device which suits you.

Whether you are brand new to vaping or you want to upgrade to something suitable for a more experienced vaper, shopping for a new vape device presents you with overwhelming options. Rather than get tangled up in confusion, follow the advice in this how to guide and buy the right device for you, first time around.

Are you an Ex-Smoker?

Firstly, ex-smokers making the switch ought to stick to pod kits or open tank systems which are low-to-medium power. Otherwise you won’t get the throat hit.

Not an Ex-Smoker?

New to vaping? Try a disposable first and see if you like it. Work your way up in battery strengths. You may not enjoy the throat hit but still enjoy the taste, in which case we would refer you to a sub ohm device with a low wattage and sub ohm resistant coil.

Let’s simplify: not an ex-smoker but are an experienced vaper? Move up in battery strength for a more intense hit. Sub ohm isn’t for everyone, but a high powered device will give you a better blast. Look at the battery power on your old device and pick a new device with more punch.

To summarise then, if you are an ex-smoker, you want a low to mid-range pod kit vape device. Try a battery output of around 1000mAh. If you are new to vaping and not an ex-smoker, try a disposable first. From there, decide if you prefer to vape with or without the throat hit. If you are an advanced vaper either as an ex-smoker or not, consider increasing the battery power for a more intense hit.

Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung

The throat hit is only present in MTL vaping. This is when you vape much like a smoker smokes. You breathe the vape juice into your mouth, hold it there, then breathe it in. That’s why it hits your throat like that. DTL vaping is different because you don’t stop in the mouth. You breathe the vape juice all the way in. DTL vaping produces bigger clouds of tasty flavour, but ex-smokers prefer the throat hit.

What about Vape Juice?

When you initially switch out from cigarettes, only a tobacco flavour will do. If you are new to vaping entirely, the world is your flavour oyster. Try candy flavours, pudding options, sweet, spicy, or savoury.

If you buy a pod device, you are restricted to the pod flavour profiles that match your model. You need pod refills for that device.

If you buy an open tank system you have all the choice in vape juice. Buy a shortfill bottle in the flavour you prefer and add a nicotine shot. When you buy one of our deals on shortfill bottles, we even throw in the nicotine shot for free.

You can browse our full range of flavours here.

Recommendations for your vaping type

Below, we give product recommendations based on your smoker/vaper status.

Ex-Smokers New to Vaping

The Aspire Minican Plus is a tidy pod kit that is dainty without being feminine. It’s a good price for a starter vape and comes with exactly the right amount of power to get you going. To the higher powered end of the scale, check out the SMOK Nord 4. It has 80 watts of output, giving you big puffs, It is from a brand known for durability and excellence, too, so you have that backup in reliability.

New to Vaping, No Smoking History

Try a disposable first to make sure you enjoy it. Lost Mary are a reputable arm of Elf Bar and contain enough puffs to either hook you in or put you off.

If you like it and want to continue, graduate to something a little more powerful. The Uwell Caliburn are a nice range of affordable and quality vapes. If that is too heavy on your throat try the Vaporesso Gen Air 40w. It gives you plenty of vapour with less of a throaty burn.

Experienced Vape Users

If you are an experienced vape user, you get to have the most fun. The GeekVape B60 Boost is a great high-powered device which will change your life. The Vaporesso Luxe X is a favourite among experienced vape users who used to smoke long ago. If you want high power and big puffs, you can’t beat the Smok R-Kiss model on power and functionality. If you really want to kick out huge clouds, you need the Vaporesso Swag 2. Keep checking in with the site because it sells out fast.

Shop for Vape Devices Online with Vape Direct

You can browse our online store to see our full range of vape products. If we are near you, visit our Birmingham, Milton Keynes, and other stores in person and discuss your options with our knowledgeable team. You can also visit the Vape Room to learn more about vaping.


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