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How to Fix “Check Atomizer” Message on Your Vape Device

If your vape device is telling you there is no atomizer or clearomizer attached, then there is something wrong with the connection points. Here is how you correct this error message by fixing your vape.

There is nothing as infuriating as trying to use your vape device when you are in need of a nicotine hit and it not working. Normally you would check the battery to make sure it hasn’t run out on you. That done, what else can you do? The modern high tech vape device has an LCD screen display which tells you the relevant error message. One of the most common of these is the “Check Atomizer”/”no atomizer or clearomizer” message. If this happens to your vape kit, here are the steps you can take to fix it.

What does “Check Atomizer” mean?

This error message means that your vape device cannot detect the tank area. It is reading as if there is no tank inserted.

Why does it happen?

Normally, this error message flashes up when the connecting points are blocked. You should avoid getting your vape device wet, as this can sometimes cause it. When your vape device cannot detect the tank it is because something is blocking the connection. If this blockage isn’t a physical one, then there may be an electrical fault with the device.

How to fix the Check Clearomizer message?

To fix this, try taking the tank out of your device and cleaning the part where it touches the mod. Reconnect everything and find out if that solves the problem. It your vape device is wet, do not use it until it dries.

If it is the tank….

To determine what the issue is, borrow another tank which fits your device. Our vape stores in Birmingham and Milton Keynes can help you. If you attach a new tank and everything works fine, your tank is the issue. You can find a replacement tank for your vape device in our online vape shop.

If it is the coil…

If you attach a new tank to the vape device and it does not solve the problem, then the issue is with your device. The next step is to replace the coil in your vape device. It could be that the coil is the issue. Clean the tank using our guide to clean your vape device here. You can also get your replacement coils through Vape Direct stores.

If it is your vape device…

If there are problems with your device itself, check the connection point first. There may be a loose wire or it could be faulty. If you have a mod tank that you put together yourself, you will have to look at the design you used to correct this. If it is a mid to high range vape device, check with the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can pick up a new vape device kit through our stores.

Fixing the problem with a vape device upgrade

If your vape device has seen good use it may be time to upgrade your model. Browse new vape products online to see what’s on offer.

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