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The Proper Way to Clean Your Vape Tanks

When you buy a new vape device, everything works brilliantly. After a few weeks of use, you may notice that it starts to run at a less than perfect rate. This is usually due to how you clean your vape parts, and how often you do so.

We always forget that we need to clean the parts of our vape device. Without regular maintenance it will all stop working. If not altogether, then the mouthpiece will become clogged, the coil will stop heating the juice, and you will generally have an unsatisfactory vaping experience. It’s never too late to change your ways and start cleaning your vape properly. Who better to show you how than the Vape Room at Vape Direct.

What is Your Vape Tank

The vape tank part of your e-cigarette is where you refill the vape juice, or where you clip your pods into place. The tank’s job is to store the vape juice around the coil until the coil can heat it. Without the tank, your device would heat thin air.

Cleaning your vape tank starts with a good quality tank. You should always buy the tank that goes with your device. If you are unsure about finding the right vape device tank for you, check this page about the Best Type of Vape Tank for more information. We also have a stupendous array of vape device tanks and parts here for your perusal. Shop before 3pm if you live in Milton Keynes to get your supplies for free, that evening.

Why Cleaning Your Tank is Important

To understand why cleaning your vape tank is so important, we should look at what happens to your device if you don’t clean it out. First and foremost, switching between flavour profiles of vape juice becomes difficult. Without cleaning the vape tank in between, you can still taste the old juice even while vaping the new one. This leads to muddied flavours or potential dry hits.

Secondly, if you constantly vape all your juice down to nothing before refilling the tank, your vape tank can clog up. The unused vape juice becomes a sticky sludge. This sticky sludge tastes bad and can stick to the insides of the tank and mouthpiece, forming an unpleasant coating. This coating could be a fire risk if there was enough of it. If your coil is jammed up with sticky sludge, it could well go on fire.

As you can see, cleaning out your vape tank prevents a nasty taste in the mouth. Here are the steps on how to clean your tank for a better vape experience.

How to Clean Your Vape Tank?

Given all the above, learning to clean your vape tank effectively is essential. Here is how you can clean your vape tank, step by step.

Step 1 – Remove the Tank

First, remove your vape tank from the rest of the device. You do not want the battery pack getting wet.

Step 2 – Remove old Material

Remove the old juice next. You can do this by vaping it all or you can use a soft cloth or piece of kitchen roll to absorb it.

Step 3 – Take the Coil Out

Remove the coil and other parts before you go any further. If you want a real clean taste between juices, you should also change your coil.

Step 4 – Place it in Warm Water

Fully submerge your vape tank in hot water to clean it. If you need to remove gunk, add a drop or two drops of washing up liquid.

Step 5 – Fully Rinse and Dry Your Tank

Lastly, fully rinse all the soapy water off your tank. Make sure that the water runs clear. Once you have fully cleaned it, you must leave it to dry. Dry it first with a soft cloth and then with a piece of absorbent paper. Lastly, leave it to dry for a few hours before reinserting it into your device.

If you follow these steps correctly, washing your vape tank is entirely safe. If you do not run the water clear of any soap, you may taste it in the tank. Similarly, if you do not ensure the tank is fully dry before you try to use it again, you risk short circuiting the electronics in the device.

How to Look After Coils (and What Juice to Buy)

You can buy vape juice online, right here from Vape Direct. We offer a full range of taste profiles you will love. If you want a hard hitting vape juice, try a high VG liquid. If you prefer a smoother vape better for sub ohm and DTL vaping, then choose a higher PG liquid. Ex-smokers prefer a tobacco flavour while new vapers vape to their own tastes.

The coil is the part of the vape device that heats the liquid into vapour. It is in the tank so that it is in direct contact with the vape juice. You should change your coil every time you change a juice flavour. You should change the coil too if it stops heating the liquid effectively. We recommend keeping one coil per flavour.

If you are still wary about changing coils, you can find the information you need to help you in the Vape Room 101. This blog on Understanding Vape Coils should teach you what you need to know to be comfortable changing the coils.

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Vape Device Clean

Keeping your vape tank clean will help you to have a better vaping experience. The best way to keep the tank clean is to wash it in between changing flavours. When you wash it between flavours, you keep the flavour pure. This also prevents it from filling up with nasty gunk that can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Don’t forget that cleaning your vape device doesn’t start and end with the tank. You should also clean the mouthpiece in a similar way. Never submerge the battery pack and keep your coils out of water, too.

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