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What’s the Best Type of Vape Tank?

Wondering which type of vape tank to choose for your new E-cig? We reviewed the pros and cons of glass, plastic, Pyrex, and others.

When you first visit a vape shop for a vaporiser, things can get confusing. It’s hard to know what material is best, which brand to opt for, and what you are looking at. We aim to help make this experience smoother for you, by guiding you towards the best choices in product.

Today, we are reviewing vape tanks. What are they? How do you use them? And what material makes the best type of tank? Let’s review.

What and where is the Vape Tank?

If you are completely new to vaping, then you should know the anatomy of your vaporiser. A basic vape or E-cig has three parts. The mouthpiece, the tank, and the bottom part, which is usually where you charge it. The bottom part holds the battery, the tank is in the middle and holds the vape juice, and the mouthpiece is the part you put your lips to. 

We need the vape tank so that it can store liquid. The tank connects with the heat source, which heats the liquid and releases the vapor you inhale. A vape tank is marked with minimum and maximum levels that you should observe. Running your vape without liquid can damage your heat source.

Different Types of Vape Tank

Now that we know what it is, let’s talk about the best type of material for the vape tank to be made from. Usually, this comes down to the choice between plastic, glass, or Pyrex.


Glass vape tanks are popular because of the aesthetic. They look good, you can see when they need to be cleaned, and the opacity lets you better judge when they need refilled. If you don’t run out of vape juice, you don’t burn out the filament. This leads to a longer lasting vape tank solution. 

On the other hand, glass is fragile and can break. It’s also heavier than the alternatives.

Pros of glass vape tanks:

  • Sleek, elegant look
  • You can see through the glass
  • Easy to clean

Cons of glass vape tanks:

  • They are top-heavy
  • They can smash


Plastic vape tanks are subject to corrosion over time. However, it will take many years until you see the signs on the outside. Although less long-lasting than glass, plastic vape tanks are tougher. They won’t smash if dropped and they aren’t as top-heavy. The plastic is a lighter material which is cheaper than the glass and Pyrex models.

Pros of plastic vape tanks:

  • Cheaper than the others
  • Tougher than glass

Cons of plastic vape tanks:

  • Plastic degrades over time
  • Heat can melt the device
  • Corrodes due to vape juice


Pyrex is like glass given an upgrade. It is harder to break and, when it does shatter, it shatters into harmless squares instead of killer shards. Pyrex is tougher, more durable, longer lasting, and more expensive. Critics argue it is the best type of material for a vape tank.

Pros of Pyrex vape tanks:

  • It’s strong and long-lasting
  • It shatters harmlessly if broken
  • It is much stronger than glass

Cons of Pyrex vape tanks:

  • Reassuringly expensive

Where to Buy Vape Tanks?

You can buy spare tanks from our vape shop in the UK. We provide one of the best online vape shop services in the Buckingham and Milton Keynes areas. Browse our products to find the right tank for your vape kit.

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