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How to Cloud Chase with your Vape How to Cloud Chase with your Vape > How to Cloud Chase with your Vape

How to Cloud Chase with your Vape

This article explains what cloud chasing is and how you can perform the trick with your own vape device.

Those of you who are new to vaping might not know what cloud chasing is. This term originated on the west coast of mainland USA, where it quickly caught on because it’s one of the coolest looking tricks you can do with your vape kit.

Let’s start with the basics: devices. Which vape device will work best to perform cloud chasing? Let’s browse a few products and find out.

What are the Best Vape Devices for Chasing Clouds

If you want to perform the cloud chasing vape trick, you will need a vape device capable of kicking out as much vapour as possible. This means you need to go big or go home. A sub ohm device which your use DTL style – that’s Direct To Lung – is the best way to achieve this. A pod vape device doesn’t tend to have the battery output to produce large clouds.

For advanced vape device users, you also may consider an RDA vape over an RTA vape. RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) vapes have no tank, you just drip e-liquid straight onto the wick with one of these. An RTA, on the other hand, has a tank you can fill using your favourite vape juice. Both of these you assemble yourself. If you would prefer a straightforward cloud chasing experience, however, stick with a sub ohm.

To perform cloud chasing with a vape device, we recommend any of the sub ohm Vaporesso devices. The Gen 200 and the Gen Air 40 can do the job. You can also look at the Freemax mod device, or the Geekvape B60 Boost. The newer the sub ohm vape device is, the bigger and better your smoke clouds. Don’t forget you can buy coils, replacement tanks, and even new battery packs all through Vape Direct. We will even throw in free delivery if you spend £20 or more.

Which Vape Juice is Best for Cloud Chasing?

Choose a high VG rated vape juice. You can cloud chase with any flavour of e-liquid. However, watch out for that nicotine. That will catch in your throat and ruin the experience. Choose a nicotine free e-liquid or use your shortfill without the nic shot. You can browse our popular e-liquid flavours in the Vape Direct online vape store.

On with the show.

What is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing involves blowing out large clouds of vapour with your vape device. Although this sounds basic, there are whole competitions of pro vapers dedicated to it. It relies on high VG vape juices and a DTL vaping technique. Once you have these in place, follow these steps to cloud chase.

1 – Maximise air intake/output

Some vape devices allow you to play around with the air flow in and out of the device. Set everything to maximum for this vape trick.

2 – Soak the wick

Whether you chose an open tank sub ohm device, or you are using an RDA that you put together yourself, soaking the wick is your next step. Make sure it is flooded with e-liquid.

3 – The path of least resistance

Next, select your minimum resistance setting and coil. Many sub ohm devices can take more than one type of coil. Make sure you select the one with the lowest wattage for maximum vape clouds. The cooler the vape juice is when you blow out, the bigger and better the cloud.

4 – Giant clouds

Now that you have all the steps in place, it should be a case of using your device to create massive clouds of smoke. You can then start shaping the clouds, creating other vape tricks (like the dragon), and you could even take part in the international vape cloud competitions that are taking the world by storm.

Need Vape Supplies?

If you need any of the parts to help you chase clouds of your own, stop by our Milton Keynes and Birmingham vape shops to speak to our trusted team. If we can’t find you the best vape device for cloud chasing, no one can.


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