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Elfbar Investigates Overfilling Issue

Elfbar Investigates Overfilling Issue

Elfbar 600 devices in watermelon flavour have come under fire recently. A Daily Mail investigation trialled the nicotine level in the famous vape manufacturer’s products to find alarming results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Daily Mail has independent lab testing performed on a number of £5.99 disposable vapes.
  • Findings show the watermelon flavour has 50% more nicotine than levels allowed by the UK government.
  • Tesco, Morrisons, and other major supermarket suppliers have removed the watermelon flavour from shelves.
  • Elfbar issued a statement attempting to explain what they call an accidental overfill.

The Elfbar 600

Elfbar vape devices represent roughly 2 out of every 3 vape devices sold in the UK. Although the company also make stronger models (such as the Elfbar 800s) these are not legal in the UK due to the UK government’s regulations on disposable vape devices. Elfbar are the largest disposable vape company in the UK. The Chinese brand recently announced 800% profits from their starting year. They sell around 2.5 million devices, every week. While the UK has an issue with illegal vape devices, an Elfbar spokesperson said they regretted the problem and were working hard to rectify the situation.

What Happened?

Tanks on disposable vapes in the UK can hold no more than 2ml according to rules set aside by the UK government. The problem, Elfbar admit, is that parts and tanks made for the US market had accidentally been installed in vape devices aimed at the UK market. This resulted in a fault in the size of the tank within the product. Elfbar are working hard to change the product, and we can expect a full product recall on the watermelon flavour before much longer.

Final Thoughts from Vape Direct

Now that this issue has been brought to light, we will follow suit and remove the watermelon flavour until the problem has been rectified. However, reading through the initial Daily Mail report, they have made it sound like all Elfbar products share this problem, even though they do not.

The UK media is still expressing biased opinions of vaping, even years after the studies which prove it is less harmful than smoking were conducted. Under UK regulations, vaping is as safe as it can be. It might not be risk-free, but compared to cigarettes it is far better. Local media groups need to turn the same fury onto cigarettes, which are the number 1 source of plastic pollution in the UK, and stop vilifying the methods used to get smokers to quit. They know they are doing more harm than good, and yet they continue.

Feel free to browse the news articles we produce on a weekly basis here at Vape Direct. We have the knowledge, research, and studies to prove that vaping is a viable alternative to smoking. When Cancer Research are urging a switch to vaping, you know that someone is lying to you, somewhere along the line.

Alternatives to Elfbar

We at Vape Direct do sell other disposable vape devices. If you are looking for an alternative to Elfbar, we would not recommend Lost Mary disposables, since they come from the same manufacturer. Instead, browse our range of Elux Legend 600s instead. You can buy 2 Elux 600 vapes for only £10 on, meaning you get more for your money than the £5.99 Elfbar vape products. You can also buy 10 for £45, making each device even cheaper.

The Elux Legend range have the same 2% nicotine level which Elfbars have. They come in a wide variety of flavours, too. We recommend the Peach and Blueberry if you like fruit mixes. If you want to try something new, the Unicorn Shake device is a legend all on its own. The Blueberry Bubblegum flavour is always popular, and they even do a Vimto flavour. You can browse the full range in the Vape shop, here.

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