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Fresh Warnings Emerge Over the Colourful Packaging on Disposable Vapes

Fresh Warnings Emerge Over the Colourful Packaging on Disposable Vapes

With Trading Standards increasing vigilance on illegal vape devices and staging raids up and down the UK, it comes to light that vape packaging could be aimed at children.

A recent article by BBC News explained how Trading Standards officials, among other experts, are expressing an increasing level of concern over the brightly coloured packages of disposable vape devices.

Experts are showing concern because they believe these colourful packets of disposable vapes are marketed to catch the attention of underage vape device users. While the colouring on many vape devices is bright and eye catching, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are aimed at children. In fact, we only need to point to the colourful labels on gin bottles to prove this is not the case. When it comes to massive seizures of vape goods shipped into the UK illegally, however, that is an entirely different story.

UK Government Weighs in on the Underage Vaping Argument

While media sources continue to point to this area of concern, UK government spokespeople said that there are strict rules to prevent children and young people from vaping until the turn the legal age. They also pointed out that vaping is proving less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Before you scoff in derision, remember that ten and twenty years ago, the incidents of children smoking in high school far outweighed the incidents of children who are caught vaping in high school in 2022.

That being said, many health experts have been warning the government to change the packaging for over a year now. One Guardian report dates from August 2021 and is already calling for the same printed labelling systems which govern tobacco products.

The general consensus here is that inappropriate marketing techniques could encourage children to start vaping. Although vaping is less harmful than smoking, that doesn’t mean that we want our children to grow up with a nicotine addiction.

Safe Vaping Products May Soon Face Plain Packaging as a Result

Since this fuss about plain packaging on vape devices began, the government is coming under growing pressure to make vapes match the plain packaging of cigarettes and tobacco products. While we cannot say if these packages will have the same graphic images as the cigarette packets will, we can advise that you watch this space. If there is an announcement, you will hear it here at Vape Direct, first.


Here at Vape Direct, we have strict age policies in place to prevent underage people from buying disposable vapes, pods or new vape devices from our stores. Based in Milton Keynes, Stacey Bushes, Neath Hill, and Birmingham, we sell vape juices and products responsibly. Our hope is to switch the remaining smokers to vape devices in the coming years, helping to save lives through vape use. Come to us for all your spare batteries and coils, replacement tanks and pod refills. We have everything you need in one vape store – colourful packaging and otherwise.

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