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350k/4.3 Million Vapers Have Never Smoked

News sources announce that there are 350,000 vape device users in the UK who never smoked.

Sky News recently announced that there were 4.3 million vape users and counting in the UK. Of these, there are only 350,000 people who have never smoked cigarettes before.

This controversial revelation comes from a report compiled by the group Action on Smoking and Health. It reveals that a tiny percentage – 8.1% - of vape device users have never smoked.

This controversial report sparked international interest when it was released in August. The data contained within it seems to contradict the multitudinal reports which frequently warn newsreaders that vaping is a gateway drug to nicotine use. When 90.9% of all vape users are ex-smokers, it is hard to argue that vape devices have a significant impact in encouraging new users.

Report Statistics

The ASH report uncovered other interesting statistics, such as:

  • The main reasons for ex-smokers to vape include helping them quit, cut down, prevent relapse, and because it saves money
  • The most common types of vape devices are refillable tank systems, which occupy 65% of the market
  • The proportion of smokers who also vape has increased from 17% in 2021, to 22% in 2022
  • 32% of people mistakenly believe that vaping is equally as harmful as smoking. The NHS themselves are trialling vape devices as an alternative to NRTs
  • Use of disposable vapes is on the rise. We know that Elfbar have increased sales over 800% in the last couple of years
  • JUUL is the most popular vape pod kit, with Logic, Vuse, Blu and Vype close behind. Smok and Uwell are also popular, in our experience.
  • Only 4.2% of vape users increase the nicotine strength. 50% use the same strength the began with, while 38% of people gradually reduce the nicotine strength as they get used to a life without cigarettes.
  • There are more ex-smokers than there are current smokers in the UK

You can read the report in full for yourself here.

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