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How to Vape Safely How to Vape Safely > How to Vape Safely

How to Vape Safely

It’s important to point out that vaping is never totally safe. Although some vape shops in the UK would try to convince you that it is totally safe, don’t want to give any misleading information. The fact is that inhaling any kind of vapour or smoke will inevitably be less healthy than not doing so. However, there are measures you can take to make your vaping experience as safe as possible.

Advice on Safe Vaping

The one thing which makes vaping dangerous is the nicotine level most vapes contain. If you buy disposable vapes often, you will be familiar with the fact that you can’t find a 0% nicotine disposable vape pen. Our advice is therefore to move up a grade to a refillable device so that you can vape without nicotine. If you are not making the switch from smoking and you want to try vaping safely, this is the best way to do so. There is no risk of becoming addicted to vaping if you choose a no-nicotine method.

No Nicotine Vaping

If you are not sure if vaping is for you or not, start with an affordably priced model. The cheapest vape kits are pod kits. These operate by clicking new cartridges of flavour into the device when your old cart runs out. The cheaper models of pod kit available through our online UK vape shop include the Aspire Minican. The Vaporesso GTX GO 40, and the XROS Mini pod kit.

The problem you may encounter here is that the model you choose may not have no nicotine cartridges, so you should always check before you buy. With many devices nowadays, you can buy the empty pods, choose a shortfill vape bottle, and fill them yourself. You can browse our full range of replacement pods here.

When vaping with no nicotine in a refillable vape kit, the steps are easy enough. Simply start with your vape kit, take off the mouthpiece, and pour in your shortfill vape juice. You should be ready to go. Check out the Vaporesso Gen Air 40, the Vaporesso Luxe X, or the SMOK Nord 4 for good refillable vape devices at an affordable price.

Shortfill Contains No Nicotine

Shortfill bottles are large bottles – 50ml, 100ml, and 150ml or larger – which contain no nicotine. They only have flavourful vape juice without the nicotine. Why? UK regulations state that you may only have 10ml of nicotine containing vape juice at one time. However, if your vape juice has no nicotine, it is not subject to this law.

You can buy shortfill bottles and add a nicotine shot later, but really to stay vape safe, using them on their own is the next best thing. You get all the flavour and none of the nicotine addiction this way.

Great Vape Juices to Start You Off

Try these to start vaping with no nicotine:

Other Products from Vape Direct

Remember you can buy coils, replacement glass for broken tanks, disposables, accessories and more. Stop into our Milton Keynes stores or shop online for the full vape experience.

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