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How to Safely Vape Abroad How to Safely Vape Abroad > How to Safely Vape Abroad

How to Safely Vape Abroad

There are multiple reasons why your vaping experience can change when you go abroad. Following this guide should help you do it safely.

Vaping abroad is not the same thing as vaping at home. The main reason for this lies in the regulated use of the products which make up both vape devices and vape juices. Here in the UK, we have strict guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable. Elsewhere in the world, these guidelines differ from ours, meaning you could be exposed to further harm if you vape while on your holiday. This article explains the best ways to keep safe while you vape abroad.

Why isn’t it safe to vape abroad?

E-liquids are not for the faint of heart since all countries make them differently. If the country you holiday in has different rules on what is chemically allowed inside vape juice from the rules set out by the UK government, then you could be exposing yourself to chemicals that you just don’t get at home.

Vape devices have just as much danger to them as unregulated vape juices do, too. They do not have the same strict monitoring of electrical devices as we have in the UK. The parts and the battery strengths may not be suitable for UK outlets. Imagine if you bought a new vape device on holiday, brought it home and plugged it in, only for it to blow up in your house or to melt the wall socket. Worse, what if that untested device blows up while you are using it?

These are all chances nobody wants to take when they are vaping abroad.

Advice for Vaping Abroad

So how can you vape on holiday safely? The best way to do this is to buy your vape products in the UK and take them with you. There is no reason you cannot travel with vape juices in your clear plastic liquids bag. If the security in the airport wish to, they can test the juices to see exactly what they contain. As long as you have shortfill bottles which are under 100ml, then there is no reason you can’t legally use your own vape juice while you are on holiday.

The same goes for vape devices. Although they are an electronic device, you can still take them on holiday with you. This is similar to how you can take your laptop with you. All you must do is separate the vape device from your bag when filling your security tray. Display the vape device so that it is easily seen. This avoids incidents where the security team think you might have a bomb in your bag.

Where to Top up Vape Supplies Before You go on Holiday?

Pod kits travel well and are easy to manage. If you have a pod kit, you can count how many pods you get through in a week. You can then purchase this number and take them abroad with you. Many pod kits use traditional e-liquids nowadays, so you can browse our full range for more products. We suggest a slender model for easier carrying, such as the Xros mini can 3 or the Innokin models. If you absolutely must vape while you are on holiday, we suggest that you choose a model you recognise and a brand you love. You can see this article for advice on choosing a vape via brand recognition.


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