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How Many Cigarettes Equals One Vape Device? How Many Cigarettes Equals One Vape Device? > How Many Cigarettes Equals One Vape Device?

How Many Cigarettes Equals One Vape Device?

There is a huge disparity between what local media believes an e-cigarette contains and what is actually inside that device. Vape devices in the UK are subject to regulations which help keep them controlled. This sets the UK aside from the wider belief that vape juice includes harmful substances. This creates confusion as to who has dangerous vape devices, and who does not. It has also led to widespread misinformation being distributed by the mainstream media. One of the questions we see them consistently wrong in the answer to, is that of how many cigarettes a single vape device contains. Let’s discuss.

What is the Standard Answer of How Many Cigarettes is in One Vape Device?

Let’s begin with the standard answer. As pointed out in the newest ASH myth busting vape device notice, the standard answer to the question of how many cigarettes are in a single vape device is 50 cigarettes. In our personal experience we have heard this number be as high as 100 and as low as 30 cigarette per vape device. Every answer here is wrong.

Why? Media outlets work out how many puffs your vape device contains. Since regular disposables fall under the law in the UK, we know that each vape device can only hold a maximum of 2 ml of vape juice. We also know that puff size in a disposable vape is limited to 600 puffs here in the UK. Media news sources often then equate those 600 puffs to how many cigarettes you would need to puff through to achieve the 600. But they are missing one crucial ingredient… nicotine.

How Many Cigarettes Equals One disposable Vape Device?

Let’s factor the nicotine content into the vape device to cigarettes ratio.

You have one vape device with 600 puffs. This device will last around 4-5 days. The total nicotine content of even the strongest disposable vape device is 20 mg of nicotine. This 20 mg is in a ten ml bottle, which you will use to refill your vape or pod kit 5 times.

By comparison to this, a single cigarette contains between 8 and 20 mg of nicotine.

You would vape the whole bottle and potentially only have taken as much nicotine as a single cigarette.

So even though the puffs taken on a vape device might equal puffing away on 50 cigarettes, the damage that vaping would do to your body would be exponentially less for having done so. If you puffed 50 cigarettes, you would have tar and other nasty chemicals in your lungs. When you vape, you do not.

Let’s summarise this way, then:

  • Puffing – 1 disposable vape can have 600 puffs, for which you would need to puff through 50 cigarettes.
  • Harm – however, those 50 cigarettes would need to contain less than a single mg of nicotine each to have the same effect on your body.
  • Vaping does not equal cigarettes. Even if it did, you must then apply the 95% difference in how safe vaping is versus how unsafe smoking is.
  • Therefore, even if one disposable vape did equal 50 cigarettes, it would still be over 95% less problematic.

The Results?

That mainstream media could be saving lives by helping smokers switch to vape devices. Instead, they have encouraged 1 in 4 smokers to continue smoking. The world is definitely on its head.

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