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Nobody is Banning Disposable Vapes in May 2023

Nobody is Banning Disposable Vapes in May 2023

In the face of constant media headlines insinuating that disposable vapes have been banned in the UK, this is not true.

Despite UK news organisations promising that these devices face a ban through parliament, The parliament in question says no such thing.

The speculation has been rising since Elfbar products were found to contain more than the legal amount of vape juice. Elfbar say the mistake happened due to a product oversight, when tanks bound for the US ended up in the UK. They have paid their fine and suffered the losses and really, all this happened months ago.

UK News Sources Continue to Push Speculation over Disposables

Despite the UK government urging smokers to switch to vape devices in a world first back in April 2023, UK news resources are still claiming that the devices will be banned. Despite a government review saying the opposite, some sources (like this one) are now saying that Labour will consider the ban. In this article, labour leader Keir Starmer talks about banning flavours and packaging aimed at children. This does not mean a ban on disposable vapes since these flavours are also available for refillable devices.

Above anything else, the labour leader can speculate all he likes if he is not in charge of the country. News and media sources are intent on vilifying vape products and this is just one more example of how they plan to do so. In doing so, they undercut NHS, ASH, Cancer Research, and the UK Government. By encouraging people to stay away from vape devices, they are encouraging smokers to continue to smoke. This goes actively against the government’s own policies, research, and advice… and yet the new sources repeatedly do this, once a week or more.

To prove it, here is a list of all new sources claiming a ban on disposable vaping in the UK. We don’t want to name them for legal reasons but do follow the links.

Articles from UK Media claiming a Vape Ban will happen soon include:

  • This article from the end of March says vaping could be banned in the next few days.
  • This article speculates that Dundee will ban vapes, back in February 2023.
  • This article claims there will be a ban due to the environment.
  • This article claims that a Scottish vape ban would not work due to Brexit rules. It then goes on to say that since 4,000 of the 5 million Scottish people supporting their own survey on it, that Brexit might ruin it for everyone. No comment.
  • This article is already saying RIP Elfbar.
  • This article claims the government is risking harm to health by not banning disposables, despite the NHS and Cancer Research urging the opposite.
  • And many, many, many others.

All this, and the UK government discussed the ban in May, then put off further discussions until November. So if you think vapes will be banned in the next few weeks, you can think again. Who’s ready to spend the next six months listening to repeated stories about banning vapes? We are already bored.

Good news for environmentalists, though, because it is better for the environment to choose a refillable vape or pod kit to vape with. In October 2023, the UK government will be banning the use of certain single use plastics. Some of these plastics may be present in disposable devices. You can read all about it on the website.

Can you still buy Disposable Vapes in England?

Of course. Despite all the scaremongering, disposable vapes are, for now at least, safe to buy. You can browse our range of disposable vapes online from Milton Keynes’ favourite vape shop. We have an excellent deal on same day delivery should you order before 3pm and live in Buckingham or Milton Keynes. We also sell spare tanks, spare batteries, replacement pods and mod kits for experienced users.

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