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How to Make the Change from Disposables to Refillable Vape Devices? How to Make the Change from Disposables to Refillable Vape Devices? > How to Make the Change from Disposables to Refillable Vape Devices?

How to Make the Change from Disposables to Refillable Vape Devices?

Disposable vapes are really having a negative moment in the press right now. Although they have helped thousands of smokers to quit, problems with overfilling and UK regulations made by major disposable vape makers in the UK have taken a toll. The media have limited trust in disposable vapes, with constant threats that disposable vapes might be banned. This article explains how simple it is to make the upgrade to a refillable device. Once you go reusable, you won’t ever go back.

Types of Reusable Vape

Let’s start with the type of vape device you want to switch up to. If you are a former smoker, opt for a pod kit. You refill this using pod replacements, which are little bubbles of flavour which you clip into the device. Use the juice from one pod and replace it with another. This is by far the easiest way to switch from a disposable to a reusable.

If you are not an ex-smoker and you want a simple device to reuse, a low strength refillable like the 1000mAh Innokin model can meet you halfway. You get good amounts of flavour and you can refill it using any flavour of vape juice which comes in a bottle, rather than in a pod.

If you want to produce those massive amounts of vapour that you see professional competition vapers use, then you need a sub ohm device. Look for a vape device which has over 2000mAh and a very low voltage. The coil resistance should be less than a single ohm. These use vape juice bottles to refill but give you massive amounts of vapour because they don’t heat up as much as the lower strength devices do.

How to Make the Switch from Disposable Vapes to Refillable Ones?

The best way to make the switch to vaping is to drop in to one of our Milton Keynes vape shops and discuss it with our team members.

The second best way is to look closely at the flavours of disposable vape device which you were using. Take note of the flavour and nicotine strength.

Next select your favourite device. Try these if you are stuck:

Choose your Vape Juice

We have every type of vape juice. If you buy a shortfill you will need a nicotine shot, but for starting out we recommend you buy bottles of vape juice. So take the details of flavour and nicotine strength you vaped using the disposable and pick it out from our generous selection of vape juice flavours.

Now, if you happen to be the kind of person who loves Elfbar vapes, there is an even simpler way to find the right juice. Elfbar released the 5000 series of vape juices specifically to encourage people to get off the disposables while still enjoying their tasty flavours.

Final Thoughts on Cutting Down on Disposables

If the law carries on the way it has been, there is the chance that we will face a disposables ban. In that event, chances are high that your favourite disposable vape maker will switch to making vape juice instead, so that you can still enjoy them. are here for all your spare parts, how to vape guides, and more. From replacement pods and coils to weekly news updates about vaping in the UK, we should be your number 1 resource.

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