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Waitrose Banned Selling Disposable Vapes in Their Stores in January 2023.

Waitrose Banned Selling Disposable Vapes in Their Stores in January 2023.

In a move that many branded ‘hypocrisy,’ Waitrose stopped selling any kind of disposable vape products in the beginning of 2023. The supermarket banned any vape products containing lithium. Lithium mining is bad for the environment and the successful supermarket chain wanted no part in its trade.

Waitrose, who still sell the world’s biggest polluter – cigarettes – was branded hypocritical by vaping associations in the UK. The store happily sell tobacco products, with cigarettes in particular taking over fifty years to decompose per smoke. However, lithium and the carbon cost of plastic use in vape devices is where they draw the line.

What’s so bad about Lithium?

Lithium must be deep mined from certain areas of the globe. Not all of these areas have safe working practices. Many have people below ground without safety gear, and rumour has it that these mines are even employing children. Nevertheless, lithium is cheaper to buy fresh than it is to recycle. Therefore, lithium mines in southern hemisphere countries are unsustainable and potentially doing more harm than good.

Extracting minerals like Lithium from underground removes raw materials from the earth. This leads to soil erosion, harm to local habitats, droughts, and an increase of global warming. Mines require heavy machinery which produce excess carbon of their own. They also remove existing wildlife from an area. Not all modern miners reclaim the land after they finish with it. Rewilding is becoming a more important part of the mining process but there is still a long way to go.

You can find lithium mines in:

  • Australia
  • Chile – is the world’s largest supplier.
  • Argentina
  • China
  • And there are small reserves in Portugal.

With a new source of lithium recently discovered in Cornwall, it looks like the UK is set to get a taste of this type of mining ourselves.

An Update on the January Waitrose Ban on the Sale of Disposable Vapes

So far, Waitrose have maintained their stance, although they have been suspiciously quiet about reporting any profit losses. They say that they ‘cannot justify’ selling colourfully designed vape products which might attract children into a lifelong nicotine addiction. The move displays a lack of trust in their own employees and in the ‘Think 25’ policies run by UK gov.

Yes, disposable vapes are bad for teens and no, we shouldn’t sell them to children, but the local Waitrose or other supermarket is not where these kids are buying vape devices from. They are buying them from the smaller stores which have a higher risk of banned vape products.

Where CAN You Buy Disposable Vape Devices in the UK?

If you are in the Milton Keynes or Buckingham stores why not drop into see us? Otherwise, you can browse our range of Elfbar, Lost Mary, SKE Crystal, and Elux Legend disposable vapes online. We can provide you with a vape kit or pod kit when you are ready and offer great deals on vape juices and shortfills. If you live in the area and order before 3pm, we even throw in same day delivery on orders over £10. Come browse our site, there’s a lot to learn and a world of taste waiting.


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