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Sunak to Ban Disposable Vapes Sunak to Ban Disposable Vapes > Sunak to Ban Disposable Vapes

Sunak to Ban Disposable Vapes

Back in January 2024, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that he plans to ban disposable vapes across the UK. The ban will come after what his critics say was a 2-year period of indecision over the matter.

Even his own party – the Conservatives – blasted this as a poor move. The action caused a decisive split down the party, as it has formed a split down the country. According to the Financial Times, the Labour party were far more receptive to the proposals and are unlikely to contest the bill(s).

With no clear dates yet confirmed, the BBC speculate the ban will come into play by 2025.

After the ban is introduced, retailers have a further 6 months to comply before the government will start acting.

The ban comes only months after the PM’s decision to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after June 1st in 2009. This will aid his plans to create a smoke-free generation.

The proposed legislation may include limits on flavours and rulings on packaging, which will become plainer.

Government Ignored Retail and Convenience Sector SME Owners

Small to medium businesses operating within the shopping sector were ignored over this matter. The proposals will take away a large portion of income from these small businesses, who are not fully vape shops.

The Scottish Grocers Federation said they “suggested a clear and constructive approach” which would tackle the main issues causing the legislation. These issues largely revolve around youth vaping rates.

Youth vaping rates in Great Britain are monitored by the organisation ASH - Action against Smoking and Health. According to the government itself, ASH report that 3.7% of those aged from 11-19 years old vape regularly. By age 18, around 38% of young people have tried a vape at least once.

Government Ignored UK Vaping Association

The UK Vaping Industry Association have expressed “profound dismay and disappointment” at the decision.

As an organisation who are pro-vaping, they commented that the decision to implement this ban would not dissuade children from vaping but would rather have a greater impact on the adults who use disposable vapes as an alternative to smoking.

Vaping is vastly healthier than smoking is, although it is not risk-free. Many vaping suppliers – such as – encourage former smokers to quit using e-cigarettes. UKVIA concerns are that this outright blanket ban will jeopardize the high conversion rates we currently experience.

The UKVIA agree with the government that more needs to be done to dissuade young people from taking up vaping. They just do not agree that this is the right way to do it.

Stock up on Disposables Here

With the ban due to be introduced at an unknown date within the coming years and with the UK aiming to be smoke-free by 2030, those affected by the disposable vape ban should stock up on their favourite products now to avoid disappointment. You will find a full collection of disposable vape kits and bundle deals on disposable kits at


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