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Clean Vaping: A Dive into Organic Vape Juice Options Clean Vaping: A Dive into Organic Vape Juice Options > Clean Vaping: A Dive into Organic Vape Juice Options

Clean Vaping: A Dive into Organic Vape Juice Options

Discover the world of organic vape juices in this concise guide. Delve into the benefits of choosing organic vape juice options.

The world is focused on making clean vape juices right now, and it is making a positive impact on how environmentally friendly the vaping universe is becoming. 

Buying organic isn’t just better for the environment, it is better for your lung health, too. Why? Because the UK has strict regulations on e-liquids and what they contain. This makes Britain one of the healthiest countries to vape in. 

Add to this the ability to track your ingredients to source, stricter regulations of what constitutes organic, and exemplary record keeping, and you have a vape juice that is even healthier than the 95% safer estimate placed on British vaping by the NHS and UK gov. 

This article investigates what else you need to know about organic vaping.


Clean Vaping: A Dive into Organic Vape Juice Options 1

What is Organic Vape Juice? 1

Standards That Organic Vape Juices Must Meet 2

Benefits of Organic Vape Juices 2

Flavour Profile and Quality of Organic Vape Juices 3

Organic Vs Non-Organic Vape Juices 3

The pros and cons of organic vape juice 3

The pros and cons of regular E-liquid 3

Types of Organic Vape Juices 4

Are Organic Vape Juices Right for You? 4

What is Organic Vape Juice?

Organic vape juices are similar to regular e-liquids, except that each ingredient contained within them is organic. What does this mean? Think of farm-to-fork food and you might arrive at a close answer. 

Organic vape juices contain ingredients that you can trace back to the farm, so to speak. Each ingredient is selected for high quality and naturalness. For example, the fruity flavours used have all come from farms and the process by which they became vape juice flavours has been a natural one. 

Organic vape juices don’t tend to use propylene glycol, which is laboratory made. Other ingredients which organic e-liquids do not use include the following:

  • Genetically modified crops or compounds
  • PG
  • Added sugar
  • Pesticides
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial flavours

So if you think of organic vape juices in the same way as you think of organic foods, you start to see why it gives a cleaner vaping experience. It comes with only natural ingredients, none of the alcohol in propylene glycol, and comes from pesticide-free farms. 

As a result, each flavour used in organic vape juice is considered ‘clean’. It is not risk-free but it is a minimal risk way of using a vape device, especially if you are worried about your lung health.

Standards That Organic Vape Juices Must Meet

There are several conditions which an organic vape juice must meet if is to go on sale in the UK. To begin with, even regular e-liquids in the UK must meet strict conditions set out by governmental legislation. 

The UK government will only permit the legal sale of vape juices if the tank sizes are limited to a 2ml capacity. The nicotine strength of the liquids must be no more than 20mg per 10ml. There is a limit of 600 puffs on disposable vape devices, because this is the maximum current technology can get out of a 2ml tank capacity.

E-liquid manufacturers must announce their products, in writing, to the MHRA agency. Certain ingredients are banned, such as diacetyl, caffeine, taurine, and specific colourings which are not rated as safe. 

Remember, Vape Direct have an excellent range of beginner e-liquids which contain both regular e-liquids and organic vape juice. Nicotine containing flavours should not contain additives, vitamins, or any health supplements.

On top of all these rules, to qualify as an organic vape juice, manufacturers must not use any altered ingredients. As per the list above, this means ingredients taken from pesticide-free farms, no added sugar or artificial flavours. The juices should be GM-free and not contain Propylene Glycol, nor should they have preservatives to expand the shelf life. If your vape juices can follow all these instructions, only then can you consider it an organic e-liquid.

Benefits of Organic Vape Juices

What are the benefits of organic vape juices? Primarily the experience of a clean vape juice. Clean vaping is key nowadays among a rising sense of ethics within the current market. The younger generations don’t just want fast-food, they want fast-food in recyclable containers, whose ingredients can be traced back to the farm. Present them with a cleaner, greener, option and they enjoy these products far more.

Secondly, organic vape juices are better for the environment. They eliminate the need for pesticides during the growth cycle while also cutting out any PG from returning to the water table. 

Organic vape juices are alcohol-free, which can become important to vape users who have struggled with alcohol addiction in the past. Organic vape juices might have contained PG except that there is no other way to make it than by altering substances within a laboratory. This is the opposite of the organic e-liquid experience.

They use salt nic, the nicotine salts taken from the leaves of the tobacco plants, causing a smoother nicotine hit, delivered without any additives. Organic vape juice contains no added sugars, chemicals, or flavours. Each flavour is as natural as it was when it was picked from the farm. 

Flavour Profile and Quality of Organic Vape Juices 

Organic vape juices, sometimes known as 100% VG E-liquids, come in a variety of flavours. However, since you are buying all-natural, additive-free vape juice, you have less choice than you might otherwise have. You can’t make fizzy blue razz flavour without adding a few chemicals, for example.

If you take a closer look at the flavour range, in fact, you see that there are more natural flavours out there than you think there are. The more you know about edible plants and strong natural scents, the less surprised you will be by the flavour range. 

In greater detail, natural flavours which may go into making organic vape juice include the following examples:

  • All the fruit flavours – from apple to mango, vanilla to watermelon
  • Nutty flavours such as almond – which can taste like custard – pistachio, or coconut
  • Organic vape juices come in menthol and mint
  • Berry flavours are naturally occurring, as long as they are not chemically created
  • Savoury flavours such as tobacco salt nic or mulled spices
  • Citrus flavours like lemon, lime, and orange.
  • Toasted marshmallow, cherry Bakewell, and other sweet treats 

If the flavour range seems narrow to you then perhaps organic vape juices are not for you. You can find plenty of regular e-liquids in flavours such as tobacco, sweets, and bakery flavours on the Vape Direct website. You can even browse our range of high VG liquids for a cleaner smoke without going fully organic.

Organic Vs Non-Organic Vape Juices 

When it comes down to the side by side comparison between regular vape juice and organic e-liquids, there are differences you should familiarise yourself with. Let’s break it down into the pros and cons of each type of vape juice.

The pros and cons of organic vape juice

Here are the best and worst facets of organic vape juice.

The Pros:

  • A cleaner vaping experience
  • There are less chemicals inhaled
  • There are less chemicals used to create the product
  • No PG/alcohol content
  • Less processing during manufacturing
  • Just as tasty as a regular e-liquid

The Cons:

  • There are more limited flavours
  • The viscosity of the VG liquid will always be thicker, leading to a heavier throat hit.
  • There are less types of organic vape juice due to the lack of processing

The pros and cons of regular E-liquid

Here are the best and worst facets of regular e-liquids.

The Pros:

  • You have a better range of flavours
  • There are more types of vape juice
  • It’s easier to access standard vape juice
  • Prices are cheaper
  • You can always buy your favourite flavours from another brand

The Cons:

  • Products are largely chemical based
  • Contain PG and additives like sugar 
  • Contain preservatives to extend the shelf life

In the end, the greater the interest in organic vape juice in the market, the bigger the range of products which will become available. Watch this space for more.

Types of Organic Vape Juices

When it comes to standard vape juices, the common ingredients are vegetable glycerine (a natural vegetable oil), propylene glycol (an alcohol), flavourings (often chemical reproductions), and nicotine, a naturally occurring plant sourced toxin. 

Organic vape juices choose to bypass propylene glycol, which is used in the manufacturing of items like cleaners and baby wipes. They use naturally derived flavourings, traced to non-GMO farms. They usually derive the nicotine from salt nic, taken from the tobacco leaf. 

Because of the process of making it and keeping things as natural as possible, organic e-liquids don’t have a great range of types of administration. You can put those salts into the VG and make a liquid vape juice or you can buy the nicotine separately as an organic nicotine shot to add to your shortfill solution. Other than that, you just use it as normal in your vape or pod kit.

If you need further information on the types of non-organic vape juices, then you should see our previous article entitled “How to Pick a Perfect E-Juice for Your Vape.”

Are Organic Vape Juices Right for You?

Whether you believe in clean vaping or not, there can be no mistaking the smoothness of a salt nic vape juice hit. While regular e-liquids might provide salt nic, they don’t always provide it without the added flavours, sugars, and chemicals, associated with e-liquid manufacturing. 

Is organic vaping the right way forward for you? There is only one way to find out. You should be prepared, however. Once you try organic e-liquids you might not go back to standard. 

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