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City of Norwich School to Call in Sniffer Dogs to Tackle Vapes City of Norwich School to Call in Sniffer Dogs to Tackle Vapes > City of Norwich School to Call in Sniffer Dogs to Tackle Vapes

City of Norwich School to Call in Sniffer Dogs to Tackle Vapes

In a remarkable overreaction, the City of Norwich school has decided to leap to incredible measures to tackle the youth vaping problem in our schools. We use the term ‘problem’ loosely since only 3.8% of all high school children regularly use vapes. When we compare this to the percentage of children who used to smoke instead, the figures are negligible.

But that’s another article!

Today we want to discuss the need for sniffer dogs to snuffle out those children who vape in school grounds. According to the BBC, the school announced back in January that they would bring in a “passive deterrence dog” which would put students off from vaping. This came hot on the heels of Rishi Sunak’s announcement to ban disposable vapes.

Ormiston Academies Trust say School Has No Vaping Problem

The Ormiston Academies Trust, who run the City of Norwich school, have announced that although they currently do not have a problem with teen vaping, the dog would act as a suitable deterrent.

So… nobody is vaping in their school but they brought in a sniffer dog.

As you can imagine, the school have been the subject of some hilarity recently. This hilarity spans back to earlier times when the City of Norwich school has hit the headlines. If you recall back in October 2023, one of the boys was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

It later emerged that the whole thing was an accident and that the pupil in question had ‘stabbed’ his friend with the sharp end of a comb. Wymondham Police department said that the “victim’s injuries are not believed to be serious…” the boy was released from the hospital that evening following treatment.

The City of Norwich School have earned a reputation for themselves as a little bit dramatic.

Can Sniffer Dogs Detect Vape Devices?

A sniffer dog can be trained to detect any specific scent. This includes the scent of nicotine. So rather than sniffing out the vape device, the dog is trained to sniff out nicotine. Sniffer dogs are more often trained to detect drugs but as the vaping landscape changes, so too do the laws surrounding it. Vape sniffer dogs could detect smuggled cigarettes or vapes brought into the country on the illegal market, and which may contain unregulated chemicals which are bad for your health.

There is definitely a place for nicotine-sniffing dogs in our society. It’s just widely considered that employing one in a high school is a waste of all right tight funding.

Sniffer Dogs or No Sniffer Dogs…

Sniffer dogs or no sniffer dogs, you can always find the best vape products at Choose from stocking up on disposables, investing in a reusable pod or vape kit, or a variety of vape juices in just about every flavour. You can buy new batteries, new tanks, new pods, and new coils. We have everything you need for a pleasant vaping experience.

And barely any drama at all.

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