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Male Vs Female – Who Vapes Most?

Male Vs Female – Who Vapes Most?

Several reports have all said the same thing in recent months: that young women are far more likely to admit to vaping than young men.

Earlier this month, the Evening Standard reported the figure was 4:1. For every 1 young male vape user, there are four females.

The Similarities Between Teens Vaping in 2022 and Smoking in 1991

This follows on from the smoking trend, which vaping is helping to eradicate. However, the similarities are striking. If we scroll back to this study into gender differences in teen smoking from 1991, we can see that girls are far more likely to smoke, admit to smoking, or had smoked once or twice in the past year.

As for modern day vaping, NHS Digital revealed that 2% of teen boys in London would admit to vaping versus 8% of teen girls.

Different Groups of Teens Present Different Statistics

It’s not all so straight forward, though. That same study points out that this is not 100% accurate across all groups of teens. Those who live in the country, in rural areas, are less at risk from smoking and less likely to take up vaping. Those young women who come from extremely religious families are also less likely to smoke.

Of the males who smoked, those involved in sports and athletics were less likely to try smoking. Those who had higher rates of deviant behaviour, on the other hand, were likelier to pick up a packet of cigarettes.

The Worrying Trend of Teen Vaping

Earlier this month, Trading Standards announced the organisation was ‘worried’ about the trends in teen vaping emerging among teenagers. In a past article, we compared statistics on teen smokers from 2010 and 2022 to find that the number of teen smokers has dropped exponentially. Smoking among teens has changed focus, with vape devices replacing the cigarettes. While this is worrisome, vapes are 95% less harmful. However, they can lead to a lifelong nicotine addiction.

If Your Teen Smokes/Vapes

Trading Standards have expressed other concerns regarding the packaging of disposable vape devices. They claim the bright colours and designs are aimed at children. As a result, we can expect a future where vape devices have less attractive packaging, similarly to cigarette packets.

If you suspect your teen is vaping or smoking you can report the store they buy the products from to trading standards. If your teen will not quit vaping, the NHS has smoking cessation classes which may be of use. As a last resort, encouraging your teen to steer clear of nicotine containing devices might be the only way to help them avoid a lifelong nicotine addiction.

Vape Direct Enforces Age Restrictions on All Vaping Products

Here at we have always been methodical about the availability of our products. Young vape users in our stores are asked for identification and our online vape shop uses data recognition software which kicks in when a customer presents a card owned by someone who is under 18.

We sell nicotine free vape juices, as well as pod kits, mod devices, and vape kits, none of which are suitable for children.

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