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Lambeth Council Gives Free Vapes to Pregnant People Lambeth Council Gives Free Vapes to Pregnant People > Lambeth Council Gives Free Vapes to Pregnant People

Lambeth Council Gives Free Vapes to Pregnant People

In a stunning display of support for vaping in the UK, Lambeth Council have examined the evidence and found that vape devices are an efficient way to lure pregnant women off cigarettes.

  • Lambeth Council give FREE vapes to Pregnant people to discourage smoking.
  • The devices will cost families £2,000 a year less than cigarettes would.
  • The plan aims to reduce smoker numbers and save families from poverty.
  • An estimated 3,000 Lambeth families fall under the poverty line due to smoking.

The Evening Standard interviewed a spokesperson from Lambeth Council, who said “We are now planning to support the use of e-cigarettes for women who choose that route as their preferred aid for quitting. They added that while it is best for pregnant people not to use nicotine at all, this help is there if they need it.

This comes after recent developments in the government’s plans to support e-cigarette use as an alternative for Nicotine Replacement Therapies. The government maintain backing of a report that revealed vaping could be as much as 95% less harmful for users than smoking is. The NHS are trialling vape device use throughout England and Wales as an NRT replacement.

Smoking when Pregnant Harms Your Baby

Quitting smoking is never more vital than when you find out you are pregnant. Babies suffer varied health conditions in the womb when the mother smokes. While the CDC warns that preliminary studies suggest a link between babies with cleft lip and miscarriage while smoking when pregnant. The NHS explain that the oxygen supply to the foetus is restricted when you smoke. Every time you light a cigarette, your baby’s heart has to work harder to get oxygen.

Stopping smoking when pregnant reduces the risk of stillbirth, early birth, and sudden infant death syndrome. Although the consequences of vaping when pregnant are less well-known, vaping produces far fewer than the 4,000 chemicals of an unlit cigarette, and the 7,000 chemicals of a burning cigarette.

Switching to Vaping Saves Real Money

The Councillors in Lambeth are not wrong about the savings you could make. Whether you want to save money for the family or protect your unborn baby from the harms of cigarette smoke, choosing a new vape device can help. The initial cost of your device might range from £5.99 for a disposable, to £50 for a top range vape kit. You can buy a 100ml bottle of short fill vape juice (which comes with a free nicotine shot from Vape Direct) and an extra shot of nicotine if you need it, which will last you weeks if you are a light vape user, and a week if you are a heavy vaper.

To put that into real money terms, for the price of a bottle of shortfill and a top of the range device, you will pay about £70. If you smoke 60 cigarettes a week, you will spend £75 or more. The second week, you only need the juice, which takes the cost of vaping down to £20. If those bottles last you more than a week, you can build up a selection of gourmet vape juice flavours, satisfy your nicotine need, and stay smoke free for the baby.

Learn more about smoking Vs vaping on our blog or find replacement coils and pod kits online through Vape Direct. Quitting is possible, but it’s easier with a little help.

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