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How To Take Your Vape Device Abroad?

Can you take your vape device abroad? Will your E-cigarette work in another country? How do you get vape juice through customs? All are explained in this article.

The old rule of no smoking on aeroplanes applies to vaping, too. This is understandable, since planes require oxygen recycling systems installed to protect those on board. If oxygen levels drop too low while you are flying, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead panels to provide a continuous supply for the passengers. If you smoke on the plane, that recycled oxygen can contain some of the 7000 chemicals a lit cigarette contains.

If you vape on the plane, be prepared to have your vape juice flavour and scent recycled around for the rest of your flight. Let’s not forget that vaping is far less harmful than smoking, though.

Can you take your vape device on the plane?

First, let’s answer the basics: can you take your vape device on a plane? Yes, but you cannot use it during the flight. Although a vape is an electronic device which contains liquid, you can still take it abroad. You must follow the rules correctly to ensure you do this safely.

Why are vapes considered dangerous on flights?

As with any electronic device, the security staff at the airport will need to inspect it before you board. Electronic devices could be bombs disguised as other items. As well as the potential harm of a hidden bomb, the liquid inside a vape device could be replaced with explosives. You may find that the airport security team check both parts of your vape as a result.

What are the rules for taking your vape abroad in the UK?

To make sure you take your vape abroad safely, then, you must follow these rules:

  • Your e-cigarette must remain in your hand luggage.
  • When you go through security, you must place your vape outside of your case, as you would a laptop or your Kindle.
  • If you are taking vape juice abroad with you, the bottles must contain less than 100ml in line with UK travel regulations on liquids.
  • You must place these liquids inside the same clear plastic bags as all other liquids.
  • You CANNOT put your vape device in the hold. It has the potential for mid-flight explosion due to changes in pressure.
  • If airport security ask to test your vape, or ask you to take it apart, do as they ask and you can be quickly on your way.

Do you declare your vape at customs?

You should not need to declare your vape device at customs. However, remember that the vape devices sold abroad are different to those sold here in the UK. Vape kits come with bigger tanks, vape juice comes in stronger nicotine levels and different sizes of bottle, all which may be illegal here.

Lastly, think about the chemicals in any vape juice bought abroad. Vape sellers in the UK have clear, established rules on which chemicals are legal to vape and which are not. We recommend you ditch any e-liquid picked up abroad and search our multiple flavour options for a safer vaping experience.

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