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COP10? We Want GFN24! (The Global Forum For Nicotine) COP10? We Want GFN24! (The Global Forum For Nicotine) > COP10? We Want GFN24! (The Global Forum For Nicotine)

COP10? We Want GFN24! (The Global Forum For Nicotine)

Those of you who have been following the story will know we have written reports on COP10 before. This event was set up by the World Health Organization to discuss the regulations needed surrounding vape devices. The organisation provided members with questionable research conducted by ‘anonymous’ - and not the anti-hacking group. Amid questionable information and security fears in Panama where the summit was held, the whole event was closed down and moved to January 2024.

After days of discussing the details, WHO ran COP10 within the last fortnight. Although clear details on any regulation have yet to emerge, the World Health Organization again made headlines, this time by banning any advocacy organizations and preventing the average Joe consumer from attendance.

Pro-vaping activists have called the move ‘clandestine,’ since WHO seemed to exclude those with knowledge on the matter from the debate.

COP10 was a Mess

Since the whole situation became messy and didn’t include half the people which it should have included, the people of the world have hit back in the form of #GFN24. The Global Forum for Nicotine aims to be a place where everyone is welcome, and where every person gets to voice their opinions on vape devices. Operating on the fact that consumers are key stakeholders in vape devices, this event looks set to show us the real way to deal with the issues which surround vaping.

Just to be clear, nobody is saying that the issues don’t exist. Teens are vaping and there is an environmental impact from disposable vapes. This runs in stark contrast to the views of the WHO, which cover vaping data from every country in the world at once.

GFN24 Aims to Tackle Vaping Issues

If you recall earlier articles, we pointed out that vaping in the UK can be far safer than in some countries. We have banned the use of poisonous chemicals in devices and the government strictly regulates how many puffs each device contains. Other countries do not have these measures, therefore creating muddy data for the WHO to use.

In short, GFN24 recognises that not all countries are the same when it comes to vaping. A source from the group organising the event said that “The Global Forum on Nicotine has existed because of and for the consumers (need) for safer nicotine products.”

The GFN aim to include every consumer that shows up to their event in the discussion on vaping regulations. Not only that, but they also provide people who campaign for tobacco harm reduction with annual grants to fund their work. Arguably, this does far more to help people stop smoking cigarettes than the World Health Organisation have this year.

Where to find the Latest News on Vaping?

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