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How To Be Vape Vigilant

The Be Vape Vigilant campaign is the brainchild of the UK Vaping Industry Association. Advocates for the safe use of vape devices, this group are activists on the behalf of all the vape consumers out there. Working closely with customers, the UKVIA was set up by vape users, to help other vape users learn the real story behind vape use.

To be clear, this organisation represents UK vape users in parliamentary discussions. They give statements on TV and in the papers in response to various vaping issues. They also campaign for better regulations surrounding vape devices, so that we can all have a good time but still be safe.

The Be Vape Vigilant Campaign

This campaign focuses on helping authorities track down those who a) sell illegally imported vape devices and b) sell vapes to kids. The campaign is a direct response to public outcrying over the number of vape devices being sold to those under the age of 18 within the UK. Upon further research, you will find that the ‘teen vaping epidemic’ described in mainstream media actually translates to 3.8% of all teenagers vaping regularly according to Action Against Smoking.

Nevertheless, the UKVIA have heard these complaints and provided an answer. The essence of the campaign focuses on the tag line: “Suspect it. Report it. Sort it.”

The campaign encourages anyone who shops in stores which sell vape devices to remain vigilant. It urges them to report any suspicious behaviour while you are in the store, particularly with regards to underage vaping.

The campaign then seeks to connect those who want to make a report with the facilities to do so which are offered by the Trading Standards Agency. The agency have been overwhelmed with retailers distributing unlawful vape devices in recent years. Reporting your suspicions allows them to focus on targets likely to be breaking the law with swifter ease.

What Counts as Suspicious in a Vape Store?

There are a few key things you can look out for, some of which we covered in this previous article about how to spot a fake vape. The main theme is to watch out for vape devices which look like they are too similar to popular brands, but which are not these brands. Missing letters, bad publicity shots, fake signage, and puff limits over 600 puffs are all things to look for.

More importantly, if you suspect that a shop selling vape devices is selling to children, then look out for suspicious activity. The shop keeper might wait until the shop is empty before they sell them. They may ask kids to ‘come back later’ or behave suspiciously in other ways. Stores that sell vapes to children are the real issue here, and this is what organisations like WHO and COP10 were set up to help plan against.

Where to Find Reliable Vape Products

IF you want to take part in the Be Vape Vigilant scheme it is very easy. Simply report strange behaviour here, on the Trading Standards page. UKVIA say that so far, over 100 offenders have been caught and fined as a result.

Afterwards, come to Vape Direct, Milton Keynes’ favourite vape shop, for all your UK vaping needs. We sell everything from high-end devices to disposables you can’t refill. We have such an extensive flavour collection in choice of vape juice that it is starting to get a little silly. Nevertheless, we go the extra mile for every customer… just as long as they are over 18.

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