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How To Vape Without Becoming Addicted

Unlike with smoking, it is possible for you to use a vape device effectively without becoming an addict. Here is how to vape without becoming addicted, and how to quit a nicotine addiction using your vape device.

Every year, thousands of smokers are becoming ex-smokers thanks to their vape devices. Whether they use a disposable model, a pod kit, or a refillable tank system (65% of vape device users prefer this method), ex-smokers can wean themselves off cigarettes for good using their vapes.

Vape Users are Quitting Nicotine Every Day

Recent reports suggest that 50% of all vape users will stay on the nicotine strength they started with. While a small percentage of people will increase the strength over time, as many as 38% of people will gently decrease the nicotine strength of their vape.

What does this tell us? That most people who vape are ex-smokers, and that those ex-smokers are vaping to try and quit. It also means that it is possible to vape with no nicotine and still enjoy the sensation.

How to Vape Without Becoming Addicted – New Vape User

If you would like to start vaping but you don’t want to become a nicotine addict, you will be happy to know that vaping without nicotine is even safer than vaping with it. Without nicotine, UK vape juices have no addictive chemicals. Nicotine is a mild toxin, too, so it is far healthier to avoid it altogether. The reason vape juices have nicotine at all is in an effort to replace the sensation of smoking and give that same nicotine rush.

About Vape Devices and E-liquids

There is no need to worry about horrendous lung diseases, either. The UK government strictly monitors the contents of e-liquid products. Many of the harmful chemicals you may have heard about (such as diacetyl and vitamin e acetate) exist in US and black market vape devices. Avoid those.

Choosing a vape device for no-nicotine vaping

If you want to try vaping without the nicotine, you must opt for a refillable tank system. This type of vape device gives you full control over what you use. Disposable devices don’t usually come in 0% nicotine. Pod kits have surprisingly few no-nicotine products. An open tank refillable vape device means you can use any liquid you want.

Next, go to this page and browse through the products. Shortfill bottles of vape juice do not contain any nicotine. When you fill your tank with these, you get nothing but pure flavour. The nicotine shot is usually added to your order. Most of these bottles, for example, come with a free nicotine shot. When you make your order, simply add a note that you do not want the nicotine shot.

The only choice there is to make here is over the great flavours. Avoid tobacco as a non-smoker. Try cherry fizzle, a refreshing lemon cucumber menthol, or Guava, Passionfruit, and Pineapple Punx – a national favourite.

Enjoy your new vape products – without nicotine!

Top up the tank in your vape device and start using it. Your new vape kit will come with instructions for use. However, if you need extra help or if you want to talk to a knowledgeable person about your device, head to our store locator page and find the nearest Vape Direct outlet to you.

How to Wean Yourself Off Nicotine Using a Vape – Smokers and Ex-Smokers

For vape users who are ex-smokers, you ought to start with a nicotine strength relative to how much you smoked. Less than ten a day should try 8mg first. 10-20 should try 12-15mg, whereas a heavy smoker should start at 20mg.

When you have been vaping for a week or so successfully, try ordering your favourite flavour in a less intense nicotine strength. You may find you vape more for a few days as a result, but then your body will adapt. After another two weeks, lower the nicotine strength another 1%. You can repeat this all the way down to 1% nicotine strength and even eventually quit nicotine altogether.

Where to Buy Nicotine Free Vape Juices?

You can buy vape juices online from our UK vape shop. We have all your favourite brands, including Doozy, Dinner Lady, IVG, and Just Juice. For nicotine free vape juices, see our 50ml, 100ml, and 150ml shortfill bottles.

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