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How To Set Up Your Vape Device as a Brand New Vaper How To Set Up Your Vape Device as a Brand New Vaper > How To Set Up Your Vape Device as a Brand New Vaper

How To Set Up Your Vape Device as a Brand New Vaper

Have you just purchased your first ever non-disposable vape kit? Whether you choose a pod kit or a vape device with a refillable tank, let Vape Direct guide you through a smooth start.

So you ditched the disposable and decided to get an upgrade, did you? Excellent. You came to one of the best known vape shops in England for advice, so you are doing great so far. We stock a wide supply of all vaping products, including new vape kits, pod kits, refills, and vape juice. You can talk to our advisors in store if you need help choosing the vape device that is right for you.

Meanwhile, let’s assume that you have your new vape device and you are ready to begin. We will talk you through basic setup of both a pod kit and a vape kit below. If you bought a mod device, you skipped a few steps. These are far less user friendly because you have to add the clearomizer or atomizer yourself.

Setting Up Your Vape Device

Whether you have a pod kit or a vape device with an open tank (refillable) system, the rules are the same.

Your vape device has several parts to it, depending on which make you buy this could be three parts or it could be ten parts. However many parts it breaks down into, the names of the parts are always the same.

The Parts of Your Vape

Your pod kit or vape kit should come with a battery pack. This is always on the bottom, where your hand grips the rubber. You should find that you can twist this part off, such as with the stylish Smok R-K Kiss 2. Otherwise, your vape might have a USB charge on the bottom without twisting apart, such as the Innokin. It might even look more like taking the cap off, as with the Vaporesso Luxe X.

Once you locate the battery, look for the buttons. You may have an LED display screen which shows you numbers, like wattage and power, like the Vaporesso Gen 200. Or you could have a single button to start and stop your puff, like with the Uwell Caliburn models. Lastly, it might have a push-to-puff or a pulse button, just like the basic battery packs we have for sale as replacement parts. The screen and buttons are usually on the battery part.

Next, you either have a refillable tank like the VooPoo drag S Pro kit, or a pod refill device, like the Aspire Minican Plus Pod. The difference is that a pod kit has pre-made vape juice sachets that you clip into place to refill, whereas the open tank gives you a greater range in vape juice flavours since you can refill with all types of bottles.

The clear or glass part on top of your device is the tank. Inside the tank, a coil is attached to a wick. When you press the button on the battery, your device heats the coil and wick, thereby creating steam. This steam travels up through your mouthpiece and into your mouth or lungs.

Putting It All Together

First of all, fully charge your device. Next, screw that battery part into the tank part if your device requires that.

Next, with a pod kit you simply clip the pod into place in the tank compartment, which should burst it open in the process. Close the compartment and you are ready to vape.

With a vape kit, screw the battery and tank part together, then open the tank to drip your vape juice into it. With high power vape devices like the higher end VooPoo vapes and the Vaporesso Luxury range, you will have to deliberately soak the wick to make sure it works. This is known as priming the coil. If you don’t do this part, the coil will burn dry and taste acrid.

And Finally…

Now that your device is fully operational, you can use the buttons to let vapour out, which you can then vape with. Enjoy a full range of flavours, replacement coils, and new-to-the-market vape products through to take advantage of our excellent prices in vape juice.

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