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American Vape Studies and UK Vape Studies Vary in Results American Vape Studies and UK Vape Studies Vary in Results > American Vape Studies and UK Vape Studies Vary in Results

American Vape Studies and UK Vape Studies Vary in Results

Recent news reports in the UK cite American studies as evidence. However, American vape juices and UK vape juices are not the same.

  • Studies cited by UK media took place in America.
  • The USA and UK use different ingredients in vape juices.
  • Harsh chemicals in USA vape juices are banned in the UK.
  • Vaping still safer than tobacco products for ex-smokers.

In research governed by the University of Birmingham, Head of Chemistry Dr Simon Cotton gives a detailed explanation of exactly what vaping potentially does to the body. This detailed report points out that vaping is never risk free by talking you through the exact chemical interactions that vaping might have. Among this useful information comes an acknowledgement that vaping in the USA is causing health conditions in extreme numbers when compared to the UK. This incredibly well-written report is the first document we have found to state what ought to be obvious: that UK vape products and US vaping products contain different ingredients. Moreover that the US has a larger problem with unlicensed vaping than we do.

The Problem with USA/UK Studies

Why is this relevant? Because UK news reports consistently use USA studies to back up the misconceptions of how harmful vaping is. Yes, it is not risk free, it comes with chemicals and food grade flavourings. When compared to the 4,000 chemicals in an unlit cigarette, however, associations such as Cancer Research UK and the UK government are urging smokers to switch to vaping for the good of their lung health.

Nobody is telling those who have never vaped before to start. However, if vapers make this decision, they should have access to realistic resources, not resources based off products that are not on sale here in Britain.

Big Differences in UK/USA Vape Products

The FDA regulate the manufacturing, importation, packaging, labelling, advertising, promoting, and sale of vapes/e-cigs in the USA. In the UK, the government regulate what is in them and the products must register with MHRA to ensure safe ingredients. These organisations have very different ideas over safety. The FDA is prone to put the protection of the rights of the manufacturer over the protection of the people buying the product. The UK government opt for safety over rights on almost every corner.

Thus we have chemicals banned in the UK which are not banned in the US. These chemicals are responsible for the horror vape diseases you hear about on TV. Worse, since these products are widely used in America, they occasionally show up in other countries thanks to the underground markets.

The differences in vaping in the US and UK include:

  • The US have banned JUUL products. In America, a JUUL device contains either 3% nicotine or 8% nicotine. By contrast, JUUL products in the UK are limited at a maximum of 20mg of nicotine per 10ml. All disposables here contain less than 2% nicotine.
  • The UK are limited to 20mg of nicotine per bottle. Americans can have triple that, up to 60mg. That’s three times the nicotine limit of the UK.
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