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Complete Guide to Secondhand Vaping Devices Complete Guide to Secondhand Vaping Devices > Complete Guide to Secondhand Vaping Devices

Complete Guide to Secondhand Vaping Devices

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned vaper, this article gives you the knowledge and insights you need to navigate the world of secondhand vaping devices.

A beginner vape user will typically start with a simple to use device. This restricts them to a standard open tank refilling vape kit or vape pod kits. However, even though vape kits don’t cost much – unless you count disposable vapes or pod kits – there are still those who want cheaper products to start off with.

Although it makes sense to work your way up to bigger, more expensive vape devices, this can only come with experience. Many new vape users shy away from an outright spend on an advanced vape kit or vape mod, and instead opt for cheaper devices like secondhand vapes to begin with.

Secondhand vape devices might seem like the obvious answer, but there are pod kits which will work well and will match the same price point. Secondhand vaping devices are reasonably safe to use with the right thorough cleaning, but do they hit the same as a brand new device? This article tells all.

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What are Secondhand Vaping Devices?

Let’s first define that we are discussing second hand vape devices and not second hand vape exposure. E-cigarettes do not have the same slip stream of particles which smoking does, nor do they have as harmful chemicals within them. There is thus far no evidence that UK vape devices harm third parties – but this is a discussion for another day.

For now, we want to focus on second hand vape devices, meaning vape kits, pod kits, and mod kits. What are second hand vape kits? They are pre-used and pre-loved vape devices which still have life left in them. 

A secondhand vape device is a vape device that someone else bought brand new. They have had their use out of it and may have decided to upgrade to a newer model. Advancements in vaping tech are coming thick and fast, so competitive vapers like to get the newest models regularly. Depending on the vape shop, they can then trade these devices in as an exchange for other items.

Secondhand devices work as well as newer ones do. They are safety tested before they are re-sold. They offer vape users a chance to indulge in better quality vapour than they would get for the same money spent on a brand new device.

Types of Secondhand Vaping Devices 

If there is a new product of vape device then you can rest assured that the secondhand vape device will come out shortly after. 

Disposable Devices

The only type of vape device that you will struggle to buy secondhand are disposable vape kits. Since these are made for a single use before being thrown away, there is little need to sell them secondhand. 

Vape Mods

The larger, chunkier, more powerful vape devices are called vape mods. These are the most likely type of vape device that you can buy second-hand. Why? Because these devices are custom built by previous owners so that you can fine tune every aspect of your vaping experience. 

Vape Kits

Although vape kits are not quite so popular for resale as mod kits, they do still appear on the market. Buying a secondhand vape kit could cost you around 40-50% less than buying the model brand new. 

As with all second hand you must make sure you replace any parts which have touched the mouth or contacted another person’s respiratory system. 

You can shop for vape tanks, vape coils, and even replacements for your mouthpiece, at

Secondhand Vaping Liquids 

There is an equally large choice in vape liquids for those that start vaping using a second hand vape device. Unlike devices, you should not use second hand vape juices. Once they are open, vape juice starts to lose both its flavour and its texture. Open for too long or excessively out of date, an E-liquid will begin to separate, becoming clumpy and unwise to use.

Instead, consider choosing from our established, reliable range of beginner e-liquids. From cream tobacco to desert delights, you can choose any type of e-liquid to use with your secondhand device. With that said, there is always closer guidance on which type of E-liquids work with which devices.

As a good rule, higher VG liquids are better used by ex-smokers since the high viscosity means the E-liquid catches the back of the throat. This replicates the sensation of smoking. If you want to vape sub ohm style though, you should opt for the higher PG ratio. This means a thinner liquid which gives better flavour when fired at cooler temperatures.

Benefits and Drawbacks 

There are benefits and drawbacks to opting for a second hand vape device over a brand new one. Let’s review these below.

The Benefits of Secondhand Vaping

The benefits of using a second hand vape device include:

  • They are cheaper to buy
  • They have the same features as a brand new vape kit
  • Second hand vape devices need not be bought through an official vape store, although we recommend that you do buy them this way.
  • You may get a deal on a bundle of items if a long-term vape user decides to sell you their old piece.

The Drawbacks of Secondhand Vaping

The drawbacks of secondhand vaping include:

  • You might not pay as little as you want to
  • You do not know how the device was treated in the past
  • You do not know about previous electrical faults 
  • You will have to replace any parts which have come into contact with another person’s respiratory system.

Safety and Health Concerns

Although second hand vape devices bought from stores have had safety checks performed, those you buy from unofficial sources might not have that security. This means that there are health and safety concerns about second hand vapes which may not apply to those buying new products.

Examples of health and safety concerns regarding second hand devices include the following:

  1. The mouthpiece and tank may have come into contact with another person’s respiratory system. Either deep clean these parts or purchase new ones.
  2. You do not have knowledge about how the device was treated. It may have been charged many times with the wrong charger or come to other harm you do not know about.
  3. The glass tank may be damaged. Check it before you buy it.
  4. The coil could be burnt out, make sure you replace it with a matching part.
  5. Your second hand vape device might require older chargers or parts which are no longer available. Don’t try and force a fit.
  6. You should only use specially made parts which comply with the device’s standards. Non-compatible devices will compromise the safety of your device.
  7. You bypass the manufacturer’s guarantees or warranties.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Device

Top of the range and high end vape kits might cost you around the £60-£120 mark. You can pay more for ultra equipped vape device mods, fully installed with all the latest gadgets. However, you can get a really good, top end vape device for the same cost as a week’s worth of 20 cigarettes a day. A similar vape kit which is second hand might cost 60% of that price. 

While this is the obvious financial solution to cheaper and more eco-friendly vaping, it does bring a variety of problems with it. For example, consider the need for extremely thorough cleaning of repurposed second hand vape devices, especially so in a post-Covid world. You also have no guarantees and no warranty.

Remember too that disposable kits are a cheap way to explore the vaping world. Priced around the £5-£10 mark, these portable devices are designed to have a legally compliant 600 puff limit. They have enough battery life for around 5 days before they run out.

Second Hand Vape Devices and You 

There should be no misunderstanding about how and when to buy a second hand vape device. If you are likely to get a long-term use out of it, then go ahead. If it is likely to cost only a fraction less than a new device, though, it may not be worth it. 

Secondhand vaping devices open the possibilities of finely tuned vaping up to the modern user. However, you really have to be careful around the sanitation issue. Make sure your secondhand vape device is cleaned thoroughly before you use it, and you will be fine.

Perhaps best of all is that a secondhand vape device gives you little to no loss of power or output. Simply load up your favourite flavour and get ready to enjoy your vaping experience. Of course, if you feel it is too much of a chance to buy second hand, we have a full range of vape kits, pod kits, and mods in our online vaping shop.

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