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World Vaper’s Alliance Accuse UK Government of Putting Profit Before Health

This news comes just days after the formalised ban on UK disposable vape products passes through the houses. The Prime Minister has announced a huge price hike for both cigarettes and vaping devices.

Key Takeaways:

  • PM Rishi Sunak has announced a new tax hike for vape users.
  • The proposals will see a 25% hike in prices for vape devices.
  • The director of the World Vapers’ Alliance has expressed grave concerns.
  • This move could undo years of hard work in smoking cessation.
  • Making vaping more expensive during a cost of living crisis will disproportionately impact smoking [Cessation] in less affluent areas.

An Economic Disparity

A spokesperson from the World Vapers’ Alliance quoted ONS statistics from recent years. In a statement, Director Michael Landl told news sources that there is disparity in smoking prevalence related to economic status in the UK. Those who are unemployed statistically smoke around 25% more than those who are employed.

The organisation further pointed out that the number of people who smoked in the most deprived area was 23.8% of all residents. In the least deprived areas this figure changed to only 6.8%.

Landl believes that this change in legislation to ban disposable vapes will prevent those who are most deprived from getting the help to stop smoking that they need. Vaping has proven to be significantly better at helping people to stop smoking than other nicotine replacement therapies currently employed within the UK.

International vaping charities and organisations have classed the move as concerning. The fear among vape users is that the elevated pricing system will put them off buying tobacco alternatives. If the pricing models for both are similar, why choose the healthier alternative?

This May Hinder Progress of the Pro-Vaping Movement

This plan could seriously impact the progress made so far by pro-vaping organisations in the UK. Those organisations include the mass advertising schemes of the government’s own devising, urging smokers to switch to vaping as a healthier option. Vape devices have even seen use in NHS trials to potentially help users to stop smoking in future.

Since PM Rishi Sunak aims to have a totally smoke free generation by 2030, critics might say he is moving the country in the wrong direction. Removing the tools which help smokers quit by increasing prices during a cost of living crisis is harsh. It could send thousands of UK based vape users back to the shop for a pack of cigarettes.

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