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Going on Holiday? These 5 Countries Banned Vaping


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Vapers may wish to think about the law in the countries they go on holiday to. Not all legal systems allow vapes on their soil. 

Whether you are pro vaping or anti vaping in the UK has no impact on the countries that will and won’t allow it. If you are planning your next vacation, you may wish to keep this in mind. There may be members of your family who vape recreationally, or those who do not use nicotine containing products, which may miss out on the experience. Holidays are for everyone to have fun, after all.

This article summarizes five of the world’s popular tourist countries, each of which has banned vaping.

5 Countries Where Vaping is Forbidden

Before you book up for the holiday of a lifetime abroad, check the local laws to see if you can vape on holiday or not.

1 – Australia

We love the great land of heat and wonder overseas. Unfortunately you cannot legally vape in any county in Australia if you do not have a prescription from your doctor. The ban on disposable vapes being allowed into the country without a permit begins March 1st, 2024. You must declare your vape device and hand it over when you arrive.

2 – India

The Indian government put a full ban on all e-cigarettes back in 2019. Although the ban came into place in 2019, it is not illegal to possess a vape device, only to sell them. You may wish to stock up on vape kits, pods, coils, and juices before you go in this case. Remember, you cannot take more than 100ml in one bottle on the plane. This limits you to the 50ml or 100ml vape shortfill sizes.

3 – Hong Kong

Honk Kong owns some of the most prevalent vape manufacturing companies in the world. E-cigarettes made Hong Kong an estimated $1.7 billion in the last year. Ironically, the vape devices themselves are legal to own and illegal to buy here. Again, stock up in our online vape shop before you go.

4 – Brazil

If you are off to Rio this year then pause for thought. Vapes are not illegal technically, you can have them without being arrested. There is a legal grey area surrounding this which you may wish to avoid altogether. Personal use is not illegal but you cannot sell, advertise, or import vapes to Brazil. Announce it or bin it before you get on the plane.

5 – Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda both have a blanket ban on vape devices. These islands are popular cruise destinations, so take your vape into account before you leave the boat.

Alternatives to Vaping on Holiday

Whatever you do – do not take up smoking instead! Try a nicotine gum as an alternative to using a vape on holiday, but only if you vape with nicotine already. Don’t turn to other bad habits, instead, wait until you come home and restock on your favourite vaping shops in our online vape shop.