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Vape Direct Expands the Deranged Vape Juice Collection

Vape Direct Expands the Deranged Vape Juice Collection

Milton Keynes’ leading vape shop just updated its range of Deranged Products.

Deranged e Juice is a cool brand with on-point packaging, known for their maximum juice flavours. Vape Direct have sold a few of their top notch flavours for a while now, but we updated our lists with some fun and funky flavours.

Deranged offer nic salts and shortfills with a 50:50 ratio of VG:PG. although a truly balanced blend was the vape juice starting point in the early days, it’s been a while since a half-and-half blend performed quite so well as a Deranged vape juice does. That 50:50 blend makes this e-liquid suitable for use in all types of vape device. Except pod devices of course. Pod devices required pod replacements for refills.

Full Impact Flavour Range for Fun Lovers

The Deranged e Juice range of flavours stand out because they are great fun. You don’t get cola flavour here. Instead you get Mister Polar – a blend of cola and ice with an indescribable twist. This emerging brand don’t stop at a cola cube inspired vape juice either. They plough straight on with the party with a Fun Shake. This is an American style strawberry milkshake tasting burst of flavour. Creamy and fruity, it’s like eating the cake without having the calories.

Deranged have a track record of assigning crazy names to their vape juice flavours. For example, their “Duck in Style” flavour features a fairly stylish duck on the front. This 100ml shortfill bottle of vape juice comes with a free nicotine shot and translates to fruit punch energy flavour. Another fan favourite that we have stocked for a while is “Pug Life.” What do pugs taste like? Apparently toffee yoghurt.

Other flavours we have in stock include:

Deranged vape juice is known for extreme artwork, creative flavours, and innovative titles. Check them out today. Remember these are shortfill bottles which means you have to buy the nicotine shot separately. We will give you a free one because we are nice that way, but bigger bottles of shortfill might require more than one.

Buy Deranged E-liquid from

Buying your vape juice through means you get the best quality juices delivered straight to your door. Each bottle of shortfill we sell comes with a free nicotine shot. We deliver locally for same day delivery if you order before 3pm. We offer deals of 2 for £15 on existing Deranged products. There are so many reasons to shop for vape juice with Head to our site or pop instore to see us.


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