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Riot Bar EDTN Vape Juice from Riot Squad Explodes on Vape Direct Shelves

Use Vape Direct Deals to Bag a Bargain on Riot Bar EDTN Vape Juice Today.

Riot Bar EDTN is the up and coming product new to the Riot Squad brand. Riot Squad are synonymous with punch-packing flavours on the UK e-cigarette market. Their range of vape juices are a familiar sight on Vape Direct shelves. This new flavour profile series aims to up the ante yet again on the UK e-liquid scene. Not only is it full of tongue tingling flavour, but the Bar EDTN vape juices are selling out fast.

Suck on this Flavour: Choose Superior Taste from Riot Bar

Think you have heard or Riot Bar EDTN? That’s because you know Riot Squad already. Previous products you may know and love include Riot S:ALT and Riot Squad 100% Menthol. The Riot Bar EDTN range is new to Vape Direct and a tasty, convenient e-cigarette addition to our shelves. Riot Squad are determined to help customers quit smoking.

How many flavours are in the Riot Bar EDTN vape juice range?

Wondering how many flavours are in the Riot Bar EDTN range? You get 15 punchy flavours with this amazing new series. The team at Riot Squad introduced a new way of choosing a flavour, too. They call it ‘sensorial categories.’ These categories represent feelings, rather than flavours. You might be in the mood for something cool, fresh, smooth, sweet, and sour.

The 15 sensory inspired Bar EDTN Vape Juice flavours

What are these mysterious and magnetic flavours? Here are the flavours along with the links to the top sellers:


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