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JUUL Labs Settle American State Lawsuits Totalling $462 Million

JUUL Labs Settle American State Lawsuits Totalling $462 Million

  • 6 states sue JUUL for targeting teens.
  • JUUL does not deny claims of false advertising.
  • Total settled cases amount to over $1bn.
  • JUUL vehemently denies advertising their products to young people.

By now, clients already know that there is a big difference between what goes into US vape juices and what goes into UK vape juices. The recent problems Elf bar encountered over confusing the sizes of tanks allowed in the US versus the UK highlights this issue. This latest news to come from the US is further proof of a growing divide.

JUUL, a world leading vape device manufacturer, has faced legal issues within the US market. 6 separate US states have pursued legal action against the global vape seller accusing them of designing their marketing towards teenagers. JUUL have denied this but have not denied a second claim that they falsely advertised their vapes by saying they were less addictive than cigarettes.

2.5 million US Kids Vape

An estimated 2.5 million US school children use vape devices. The American regulatory system has largely blamed this on brands like JUUL. A sceptic might point out the FDA still tolerates harmful chemical compounds, but suing a manufacturer sets a stark precedent for other vape companies providing products in the US.

The New York Attorney General was pleased with the results of the $462 million state lawsuit. Letitia James said JUUL had “led to a public health crisis” by putting vape devices into the hands of children. The basis of this settlement case is that JUUL physically sold these items to children… a statement which the brand deny.

Payments will take place over the course of 8 years. JUUL will also pay out further for existing lawsuits brought by the public.

Are US and UK Vaping Laws Different?

Much of the disparity between UK and US vape juices comes from the FDA. The FDA approved food and drinks in the US, and part of that is to assess chemicals which may see use in vapes. Since US vapes can contain food grade additives, they have partial control of what is and isn’t allowed. By comparison to the USA, the UK has much tighter regulations on the contents of vape juices. Tighter regulations in the UK mean less chance of lung diseases. A prime example of this is the FDA approved use of diacetyl, a product banned in the UK.

Are JUUL still available in the UK?

Yes, you can still buy JUUL products in the UK. This is because what goes into JUUL disposable vapes in this country is different to their contents in America.

Worried About JUUL?

If you are still worried about JUUL vape products, you can switch your disposable to something else. sell every vape juice flavour you can think of, measured across a range of different brands. Choose an Elux Legend, an Elf Bar, Lost Mary, SKE Crystal, or any of our other brands of disposable vape. When you choose to upgrade and save money, you can even come to us for pods and vape kits. Visit us in Milton Keynes or Buckingham today.

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