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High Tobacco Taxes Relate to Higher Vape Use Internationally

High Tobacco Taxes Relate to Higher Vape Use Internationally

A recent study found that the higher the tobacco taxes were in a country, the higher the correlation of vape users. Studies like this are proving that adding tax to tobacco products is having the desired effect of switching smokers to NRT and vape products.

The research, released in May of 2022, concerned itself with examining a link between tobacco control policies and adolescent vaping, looked at data taken from 44 different countries. The countries chosen represented lower middle, upper middle, and high income/taxation countries. The study was designed to double check the efficacy of the World Health Organisation’s advice to international governments on implementing tobacco controls.

Smoking Versus Vaping

The survey measured data from 151,960 teens, mostly aged between 13-15. The reason they targeted teens is that this is the primary group which could go on to become lifelong smokers or lifelong vape users. The survey had some surprising results.

They found that:

  • Most of the teen vape users tried vape products now and again, but did not take up vaping as they may previously have taken up smoking.
  • 6% of the total teens had vaped in the last 30 days. Compared to Brits who smoke, that is 8.6% versus 13%, so marked progress.
  • The prevalence of teenage vaping is overall low.

Most notable was that the five measures WHO advise – that’s monitoring, smoke-free policy implementation, cessation programs, warning labels, advertising bans, and heavy taxation – found that smoking levels were lower, but that in higher tax countries, vaping levels were higher. Therefore the theory remains that higher taxation on tobacco products puts teens off smoking. With higher taxation comes higher pricing. The teen of today would rather not.

Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking?

Vaping is far cheaper than smoking. A large bottle of shortfill and a couple of nicotine shots will set you back less money than a packet of cigarettes. One you make the initial investment of your chosen vape device, you can start saving money straight away. A vape device – even the top range models like the Vaporesso, Smok, or Freemax – will set you back the price of two boxes of cigarettes. By the time you have used your vape for the length it would take you to smoke three packs of cigarettes, you will be making money back.

Where to Shop for Vape Products in the UK?

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