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Vape Surprises #1: Finding an Ancient Burial Ground Underneath Your Vape Shop

Vape Surprises #1: Finding an Ancient Burial Ground Underneath Your Vape Shop

This week’s news article gives an astonishing glimpse into how vape related content can take a weird twist.

In a 22nd February news report, the BBC covered a story regarding a potentially cursed vape shop in Kent.

Situated on the high street in Maidstone, one vape shop owner was surprised to discover a trapdoor into his basement. Imagine his horror when he discovered that there was no basement, only an ancient underground crypt.

The crypt is said to be part of a priory which used to stand on the same patch of land. Unfortunately for the shop owner, the only way to access the roomy space is by trapdoor from his shop. What a fright he must have endured when he went downstairs to take a gas reading in his ‘basement’.

Fortunately, although previously used to store corpses, the tomb has long since been cleared out. The priory dates to 1331, a few hundred years before the Reformation in Henry VIII’s time, when he closed all the monasteries. It is likely that the bodies were removed for burial at some point long before the shops on Maidstone high street existed.

In an interview with the BBC, respected historian Simon White described the crypt as atmospheric. The intention now seems to be that the crypt will become a feature of the ancient town. Locals could learn about the history of the era through an underground passageway into an ancient place of burial.

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